Key Themes: decluttering, deeper layers of life, celebration, remembering your power

Gemini, May is going to feel like a magical month as there’s a whole lot of cosmic energy activating your sector of spiritual connection. We do have our Retrogrades unfolding (which tend to shake things up), but this just means that what your life looks like as we leave this month, may be completely different – in the best way possible. If you’ve been looking for change, here it comes!

We kick off the month with a Pluto retrograde in Aquarius on (May 1st). Pluto Retrogrades are intense at the best of times and catastrophic others. They tend to reveal the spheres we’ve been ignoring in our lives, as well as blind spots swept under the rug by society. Because this retrograde takes place in the sign of Aquarius (ruler of society and community), you might start noticing the more ugly shades of society: injustice, war, exploitation etc. If so, try not to get too caught up, angry or down about it. It may not feel great, but know that the first step to healing and change is awareness being shed on these matters. Trust that progress is inevitable Gemini. Sometimes it feels worse before it gets better. Because this retrograde activates your sector of higher life purpose, you might start feeling some dissonance between what society expects of you and what you feel is your true calling. Trust that between now and October, you’re going to receive insights as to how you can find alignment between the two.

Eclipse season continues with a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio on May 5th. This one activates your sector of wellbeing and organization, making it the perfect time to get your life admin affairs in order. Think: tidying, clearing out or wrapping up loose threads that have been bothering you for a while. Our less enjoyable responsibilities do tend to carry a weight… and you’re going to feel so much lighter, freer and ready for more when you create the space.

A week later, we have Mercury going direct in the sign of Taurus (May 14th). For you this activates a sense of clarity and connection to your more spiritual spheres. This might come through as a renewed sense of wonder with the world, or simply a more grounded feeling of being a human being on this magical planet.

There’s a sense of grounding, purpose and self-love that comes from having a relationship to the broader meaning of life. That is: what goes beyond all the achievements, career, societal power and wealth. This month will be about learning to listen to the subtle whispers that point to your more fulfilling purpose.

A few days later we’ve got Jupiter entering Taurus (May 16th) – and for you, turning up synchronicity and opportunities, particularly in the three-dimensional spheres. Get ready for sudden shifts in your career and financial situation Gemini.

Speaking of new, just a few days later (May 19th), we have a potent New Moon in Taurus which invites you to revisit the idea of your wider life purpose. Sometimes, the attention it takes to stay afloat can make it harder to stay connected to your dreams. Yet, this New Moon reminds you of your ability to reach them.
Plant seeds and visions of whatever feels most alive and resonant to you at this time Gemini. It will provide the perfect foundation for you to launch into your solar cycle and the magic of Gemini season from May 20th.

This time of celebrations is going to wrap up the month with a sense of lightness, play and the remembrance that for you, the sky’s the limit.