Key Themes: Self-love, discerning your truth and honoring your individuality, slowness and smelling the roses

It’s Gemini season baby! At least for the bulk of this month (up until the equinox on June 21st), the sun will be shining down on your sign, imbuing you with the warmth and celebratory vibes that you deserve. This month is all about honoring, and loving yourself. Love that for you.

We start off with a conjunction (meeting) between Jupiter and the Lunar North Node (June 1st). This portal of cosmic abundance will initiate the flavor of June; a kind of “anything’s possible” vibe. It’s a particularly auspicious day so if you’ve been contemplating a leap of faith, now might be the time.

Just a few later a powerful Sag Full Moon (June 3rd) invites you to release anything that holds you back from launching into your powerful future. Because it activates your sector of relationships, you’re being invited to specifically let go of any unhealthy dynamics that may be playing out. Maybe you’re allowing yourself to be influenced to the point of losing your own truth, perhaps a balance of reciprocity is not yet being met. Either way, it’ll be a good time to hone in on your individual journey. Does life (and the elements that fill it currently) feel in alignment?

Speaking of self-prioritization…Venus enters Leo a few days later (June 5th), and due to some retrogrades, will be there until early October. This transit will be a further emphasis on your individual needs and desires, which do not need to be compromised. It’ll feel like an empowering charge up to your birthday season, and a reminder that self-love shouldn’t just be concentrated on just one day of the year!

The fiery flow of the month might slow down a little when on June 11th, Pluto retrograde enters the sign of Capricorn. Pluto retrogrades reveal truths… and tend to bring upheaval along with them. In the best way though. If anything feels at odds with your soul journey, there’s a high likelihood you’ll notice it here. Maybe an opportunity you thought you wanted doesn’t work out, or a door closes in some other way. The reminder here is to trust your unfolding Gemini. If it’s meant to be, it will be.

Besides, just a week later (June 18th) presents you with a potent opportunity to plant new seeds. We have a New Moon in your sign, powerfully activating your sector of identity, will power and desire. This will be a wonderful time for leaning into your dream life through visualization. Imagine an ideal future point (don’t worry too much about form, it’s allowed to change), and work backwards from there. What’s one tangible step you could take to move in that direction? A Gemini New Moon means the cosmos is reminding you: you’ve got this.

Cancer season (June 21st) and Mercury in Cancer (June 26th) invites you into a space of ease, simplicity, embodiment and presence. You’ll officially be at the first chapter of your new solar cycle, and rather than getting hyped in an initiatory fire – the guidance from the universe here is to slow it down and ground in your intentions for the next twelve months.

Besides, it’s not the time for rash decisions with Neptune going retrograde through its home planet of Pisces on June 30th (until December 6th). This surreal and boundary-shattering retrograde tends to amplify the emotional and subtle realms. This is a time where the universe invites everyone in it, into the art of surrender. Not to say stop what you’re doing… but rather remember to go with the flow, allow what comes and release what no longer works.