Key Themes: Self-identity, finding clarity, transformation, what do you want to create?

Gemini, with the Full Moon in your sign this month, December is going to be powerful and potent in more ways than one. The last month of the Gregorian calendar year offers you a chance to deepen your sense of self, find clarity in your visions, and to begin bringing them into reality. It’s a big one!

The month starts with Neptune (planet of dreams and spirit) going direct in its home sign, Pisces (December 3rd). If you’ve been feeling a little disconnected from the universe, spirit and deeper meaning… this is likely about to change. Interestingly, this energy activates your sector of career, finances and physical manifestation. Now will be a good time to start reflecting on how you can bridge the gap between the mundane, practical aspects of life and work – with a more rich, meaningful and spiritual way of existing.

On December 7th we have a powerful Full Moon in your sign. This is one of the times of the year where your power feels more palpable than ever. This Moon gives you an opportunity to reinvent yourself Gemini, to step into the shoes of your highest self and live life from there. But first, any Full Moon calls for recognition of a cycle and gratitude for the fact. You can use this time to reflect on the many profound moments of your journey so far.

Venus entering Capricorn on December 8th initiates a major theme of this month: self-transformation. Because your sector of shadow work, deep healing and the subconscious is being activated, you may notice yourself experiencing life in a more multi-layered way. Questions like ‘why?’ become more important, and small talk will become far less interesting. This is because your development as an individual soul is being highlighted. Create space for this process and enjoy a deepening of self-intimacy.

On December 20th, Jupiter moves into Aries – meaning the planet of luck and expansion is lighting a fire up under our individual journeys. You might experience this as more synchronicity, lucky breaks and opportunities. Listen to your intuition as to what’s right for you.

The very next day, (December 21st) your deep journey of self continues as we shift into Capricorn season. The next four weeks will be a time to connect with the essence of who you are, what you want and how to get there. Capricorn season tends to open up manifestation tools, and suddenly your practical steps forward may seem more clear. You’re ready to shed any limiting self-beliefs that hold you back, so it’s worth paying close attention to what arises within you around the Capricorn New Moon on Dec 23rd. Gemini, you’re ready to step into 2023 with clarity, focus and ease.