Today at 8:48am EST, the Sun conjoins Mercury (your ruling planet) in Aquarius. Gemini, it’s time to get weird, and to show off your uniquely beautiful self. Plus with the spotlight (the sun!) on Mercury, mental pursuits, communication and the deconstructive nature of understanding are exemplified. Gemini, as Mercury is your ruling planet this day will feel like you’re making progress. Mercury brings definition to all it touches. This means we’ll be noticing the details, formulas and universal laws that govern each of our lives. You’ve been overthinking things lately and perhaps overworking your mind. This takes a huge toll on mind, body and spirit – one that’s bigger than what we tend to notice at the time. Good news though! All of a sudden today, things might just reveal themselves to be light, and way easier than you expected. It will be a beautiful day to get social, and let yourself be inspired in an organic way. Reach out to whoever intuitively feels right. Rejuvenate and reset your whole being.