How The Signs Can Ignite Their Inner Revolutionary

written by KTZ astrologer Deria; artwork by KTZ astrologer Emily Wills

With a global pandemic putting many of the world’s economies on pause, major cities on lockdown, and medical facilities at capacity, there is no denying that 2020 is set to be a year of great change.

COVID-19’s quick and widespread movement has shocked government leaders and public health experts alike but many astrologers have been warning us that this year would be instrumental in accelerating the crumbling of outdated structures and systems that have controlled the world order for centuries.  Our KTZ podcast on the 2020 Ascension touched base on such themes, for example.

At the start of the year, there was a huge bunching of outer and inner planets in the sign of Capricorn which symbolizes the tradition and material habits of our ancestors and is often associated with the father. Pluto, the planet of death and rebirth, has been transiting Capricorn since 2008 and will remain there until 2024. The emphasis of Saturn and Jupiter joining this slow-moving planet in January signifies some impetus to the long and arduous fall of white-supremacist capitalism and cisheteronormative patriarchy.

Revolution is not a one time instance, rather it is a series of overlapping generational arches and stretches of time made up of many actors and events. In the words of Aquarian science fiction author, Octavia Butler, the only constant is change. But with the shift of planets the rate of that change can be expedited or drastically prolonged. 

“We are living in strange times” is a popular phrase we have been hearing as of late and no one knows strange like the rebellious, swift-thinking sign Aquarius. On March 22nd, Saturn the Planet of Structure and Discipline moved into Aquarius and earlier this week was joined by Mars, the planet of drive and ambition. The sun in the impulsive house of Aries adds emphasis to this conjunction, suggesting that the rate at which we see our lives change will be as rapid as fire spreading through a wild forest. 

Aquarius is group-oriented, technological savvy, and future-bound. Saturn and Mars conjunct in this air sign fans the flames by demanding us all to act quickly and innovatively in the interest of the collective. And so far we have picked up the call. We are organizing mass strikes, online jam sessions and learning spaces, encouraging one another to #stayhome, creating beautiful art together, and redistributing funds to the most vulnerable through mutual aid projects. 

There will be no waiting. Saturn will be in Aquarius for three months before moving back into Capricorn until December of this year. This time can be astrologically described as an opening and a glimpse at how each of us can take part in shifting our world from a profit-driven resource hoarding society to a more love-organized, life-valuing, egalitarian one. 

Below is a brief guide for each sign to tap into their inner revolution with tips on organizing areas to take an action in, where to start their political education journey, and revolutionaries that share their sun sign. The future is now, skymates.

Aries: The Disruptor 

Aries, we need your warrior spirit and more than likely you have already begun to take action without hesitation. You are a passionate and energized community member who is not afraid to stand on the frontlines of strikes and protests because you are not afraid to speak out against your company’s maltreatment. You will take the risk when you find a fight worthy of your fire. You may be the first person to ask neighbors if they need support with groceries and organizing rapid response kits. To channel this energy, look to your creative and galvanizing power. You cannot lead alone so trust others to hold and support you. Make the call and the right people will come running. 

Aries Revolutionaries: Walter Rodney, Bayard Rustin 

Political Education: Self-defense, Organizing a strike, Preparing response kits

Taurus: The Stabilizer

Taurus, how many times have you texted your group chat “we will get through this <3.” You are the community member who holds a calm for your community because you are grounded in the earthly knowledge that we have all we need to get through. Abundance is your middle name. To ignite your inner revolutionary it would be helpful to share your steadfast beliefs and your unwavering commitments with your loved ones. You model for your community the importance of holding onto the good things, the urgency of prioritizing self. Rest is revolutionary. Joy is revolutionary. Listen to your body and let it be your guide. The future will be luxurious cause there is more than enough to go around.

Taurus Revolutionaries: Malcolm X, Grace Jones, Lorraine Hansberry, Kathleen Cleaver 

Political Education: Herbalism, medical industrial complex, food justice, burnout culture 

Gemini: The Communicator

The revolution is humorous, or as bell hooks says “We cannot have a meaningful revolution without humor.” In a time where we can easily sink into despair and dread, we need your wit and light to remind us of the absurdity of it all, Gemini. Laughter is your medicinal power in addition to your knack for disseminating useful information. Your supreme communication skills and effortless charm will prove to be indelible to connecting your community members to the right resources including other community members. You can really ignite your inner revolutionary by digging deep into your heart to discover your guiding truth. It is that truth that will help you commit to the work with verve.

Gemini Revolutionaries: Che Guvera, Kendrick Lamar, Tupac, Erica Garner, Eric Hobsbawm 

Political Education: Pod Mapping, Pan-Africanism, political comedians 

Cancer: The Healer

The revolution will be loving. Cancer, you have probably made tons of phone calls and sent millions of texts to your loved ones checking in on them to make sure they have everything they need to survive the pandemic. Like the Cancerian revolutionary, Assata Shakur who volunteered her time with the Black Panther breakfast program, it is important to you that your community is fed. Picking up groceries for the elderly, leaving food packs for the homeless, or organizing food drives for queer and trans folks is just a few ways you can be found supporting the most vulnerable. You can intuit our most basic needs and demand reciprocal systems of care from all. To really ignite your inner revolutionary, make a habit of doing personal capacity check-ins to ensure you are pouring from a full cup and not exploiting yourself to tend to others. 

Cancer Revolutionaries: Franz Fanon, Assata Shakur, Sylvia Rivera, Nelson Mandela 

Political Education: Community care, inner-child healing, Black Panther Free Breakfast Program

Leo: The Actor

Leo, your big heart beats for the collective good and it is your mighty presence that will see us into radical healing and transformation. With your lyrical speeches, commanding poetry, and boisterous chants, you will be at the core of this movement inspiring each of us to take up the mic ourselves and lead our communities to new horizons of love and generosity. To ignite your inner revolutionary, it is important that you get playful and listen to the younger you who is not the least bit amused by outdated top-down styles of leading but rather is supported by a circular, egalitarian approach. Power is most useful when shared, when we join hands and fight together.

Leo Revolutionaries: John Africa, Fidel Castro, Marielle Franco  

Political Education: decentralization, horizontal leadership, Black feminist theory 

Virgo: The Organizer

Virgo, you are the community member that knows that if we do not show up for one another no one else will, especially not the state. So you show up in service with diligence and a clear sense of duty, often doing the tasks that no one else cares to pick up, but the menial thrills you. You do these tasks like organizing all membership information, sending out info emails, or making phone calls with reverence and without asking. You love digging into the details of a fundraising or outreach strategy to ensure that your goals are met effectively. To ignite your inner revolutionary, centers humanity instead of profit. There is no room for hard work that continues to hold up crumbling empires. Look around you and see the wild vision of love that is coming into form around you.

Virgo Revolutionaries: Kwame Nkrumah, Marsha P. Johnson, Paulo Friere, Sonia Sanchez 

Political Education: Socialism, Interdependence, radical forgiveness 

Libra: The Harmonizer 

Libra, symbolized by the scales of justice, you believe deeply in harmony and balance.The question of restoration is at the center of your motivations as a revolutionary. One of your greatest tools will be your knack for hosting and love of art and culture. Hosting a fundraising party or DJing an online kickback for your comrades is just a couple ways you will use your artisan skills to affect change. Venus ruled, your aptitude for romance and ability to weigh all the options would make you a great mediator. To ignite your inner revolutionary, commit to being fair to your comrades instead of liked and praised by everyone. This will help you stay true to yourself and the fight for an equitable world.

Libra Revolutionaries: bell hooks, Nat Turner, Fannie Lou Hamer, Winnie Mandela   

Political Education: restorative justice, accountability processes, relationship anarchy 

Scorpio: The Transformer

Scorpio, your revolutionary superpower is your desire and capacity to go to ends that many others will not face. You are not afraid of the dark, of death, because you are intently aware that what lies on the other side of those depths is a beautiful future we all deserve. This makes you a powerful healer that is keen on the wounds and traumas that many of your comrades are holding. This also makes you a great facilitator as you can hold, move, and transform multiple energies in the room. To ignite your inner revolutionary, you must learn to trust your comrades and allow them to go through their own process of healing. We all confront change differently, but one must choose their ascension.  

Scorpio Revolutionaries: Nawal El Saadawi, Bobby Seale, Barbra Smith 

Political Education: healthy detachment, abolition movements, healing justice 

Sagittarius: The Story-Teller

You are the political educator we all need. The professor who is just as deeply committed to teaching as they are learning. You can often be seen traveling from space to space sharing your wisdom and stories which effortlessly weave together universal lessons of humanity, fear loss, triumph, and love. To ignite your inner revolutionary it is important for you to ground your lessons in accessible language that can be digested by the masses. Think of fun and engaging ways that you can impart this information whether it be through a card game or a tik-tok. Your undying optimism is going to see us through these times of dread and your wild stories of adventure will remind us to keep our eyes up ahead.

Sagittarius Revolutionaries: Thomas Sankara, Shirley Chisolm, Ella Baker 

Political Education: pedagogy of the oppressed, global capitalism, indigenous languages 

Capricorn: The Builder 

Capricorn, we need your determination and get it done attitude. Unlike Leo who is at the front of the show, you are the leader that takes a more behind the scenes approach to movement work. You are a skilled strategist who can foresee the systems needed to ensure a nationwide bailout is successful. Your excellent management skills and solution-oriented nature position you as a foundation builder. Without a sturdy foundation, the movement could be wiped out with swiftness. You work to make your ancestors proud honoring their legacy by integrating their traditions into the rituals and habits of your community. To ignite your inner revolutionary, you must remember that emotions are a valid source of information in system building. If your comrades are overwhelmed, anxious, or defeated they are less likely to show up to organizing meetings or go out and do an action.

Capricorn Revolutionaries: Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Michelle Obama, C.L.R. James, Afeni Shakur, Muhammad Ali 

Political Education: Disability justice, emergent strategy, care labor  

Aquarius: The Awakener

Aquarius, you were born for revolution. During this time you may have been putting together theories and presenting cool evidence charts to prove to your community that capitalism has and will always fail us. And while making your claims against the state you are working diligently with your comrades to imagine and build a new future. Your strong point in this time will be facilitating group conversations, leading online design projects, and offering vision prompts. To ignite your inner revolutionary you must make your fast thinking/processing accessible to the people. To do this be honest and vulnerable about the many feelings of fear, compassion, and hope you hold which are motivating you towards a more equitable future.

Aquarius Revolutionaries: Angela Davis, Audre Lorde, Huey P. Newton, Bob Marley 

Political Education: Afro-futurism, Race & gender bias in artificial intelligence, queer theory 

Pisces: The Dreamer

Pisces, we need your idealism. You are the dreamers of the zodiac who believe deeply in the grandest visions of love. You are the artisans who preach through song, through dance, through visuals. You spread the hope of love to everyone you meet and those who witness your creations. You art heals us all. You remind us to drop the logical and lean into the deep unknown but widely felt and shared experience. You want to hold hands and chant with your comrades because you know the power of touch. You want to do sing-alongs because you know the power of harmonizing. You say the prayer and offering, you sage the space, you call on all spirit guides and angels to protect the movement. You connect us to our life source. To ignite your inner revolutionary, lean on your comrades for support with the details, allow them to help you put your dream into practice. 

Pisces Revolutionaries: Rihanna, W.E.B. Du Bois, Miriam Makeba, Nina Simone, Claudia Jones, Myrlie Evers–Williams

Political Education: pleasure activism, communal living, Black anarchism

We hope this guide can help you ignite your inner revolutionary. Spread the love and share with your fellow skymates who may need some motivation. One of the best ways to better know yourself and what ignites your revolution is to get a personalized, in-depth Birth Chart Reading. We’re offering 20% off yours when you use the code “awaken” at check-out. You’ll receive your reading within 10 business days as a PDF sent to your inbox. A sustainable, life-long investment in your awakening, knowledge of self, and healing. Enjoy!

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KTZ Weekly Horoscope 2.10 – 2.16

Celebrate your wins, Skymates! The week begins with harmony between the Virgo Moon and Jupiter in Capricorn offering support toward taking thoughtful risks and planning ahead for abundance. Revelatory effects of Sunday’s Leo Full Moon remain strong through the week, revealing epiphany and possibility to you. Your efforts over the past 6 months now culminate as solid results. The fruits of your labor provide crucial information for you to mindfully apply to your next steps. Trust instincts to step into the spotlight or offer your talents to a worthy team.

During Mercury’s shadow period leading up to Mercury retrograde in Pisces this weekend, offer focused attention to intentional preparation and direct communication. Say & do what you know is important to set yourself and your relationships up for success and sustainability. On Sunday, Mercury stations retrograde and Mars enters Capricorn. It comes naturally to show up with commitment and persistence for your most resonant goals. You discover worthy forms of discipline that can enhance your experience and bring you closer to your purpose. Believe in your ability to adapt.

What’s in Store For Your Zodiac Sign (Read your Sun, Moon & Ascendant) …

Aries: Savor surges of passion as they wash over you this week. Indulge in play, adventure, or creativity when inspiration spontaneously strikes. You can capture the essence of profound feelings through your creative voice and instincts, so resist the reflex to edit yourself too soon. Something resonant that you stumble upon may be exactly what a wide range of people need to hear or experience, including yourself.

Taurus: You are expanding upon your comfort & confidence in your sacred home space and in relationships with family. Take initiative to create and protect the kind of environment that makes you feel safe, nourished, and valued. Tend to the balance between your external output in the world, and the energy you offer to private life and down time. Honor your feelings of urgency around making healthy changes. 

Gemini: Epiphanies involving your context in friendships, community, and teams now points you in a purposeful new direction. You are bringing thoughtful intention to your interactions in ways that attract you to expanded opportunity and resonant community. Follow through on lingering responsibilities or obligations, knowing that this will reinforce your integrity. Take your time processing strong emotions as they develop.

Cancer: Revelations around your specific values and priorities as an individual now point you toward promising opportunities to grow upon what matters most to you. Plan ahead with attention to detail toward your goals for travel, learning, and expansion. Do what you can to support yourself through preparation so that you can be present in your experiences when immersed in adventure.

Leo: Remain present and open to change as epiphanies involving your unique purpose wash over you. Offer voice to what you’re feeling, whether through journaling, reaching out to a confidant, or indulging in creativity. Show love and appreciation where it’s due. This emerging certainty of self positions you to communicate productively with loved ones or romantic partners in pursuit of new levels of mutual pleasure.

Virgo:   Your attitude toward life and your purpose completely shift, daring you to take mindful action in pursuit of healing and growth. Embrace a process of release as it calls to you. Honor your instincts as they direct you to pour into yourself to restore balance. Invest in what you need to feel nourished. Knowing what is no longer right for you now empowers you to confidently define resonant next moves.

Libra: Epiphanies around your social habits open your eyes to the great potential of your connections, and your power as an individual. Defining strong feelings now positions you to stand tall in your authenticity, no matter who you’re interacting with. Explore new worlds or situations that call to your curiosity. Know that there are people in the world who will value your specific strengths and reciprocate your energy.

Scorpio: Epiphanies involving your career path awaken an urgency within to show up for your ambitions. You are tuned into how to artfully utilize your unique quirks and maximize the impact of your strengths. Your short and long term goals come into clear focus, challenging you to bring your A-game to forms of achievement that resonant deepest for you. Trust your instincts to experiment with worthy discipline when inspired to.

Sagittarius: Your hard work over the past 6 months reaches a turning point of release, transformation, or travel. Release projects and put recent lessons to active use. Let your work speak for itself and you are sure to be astounded at the possibilities it attracts into your orbit. Next steps come into clear focus, lighting a fire under you to make moves to learn, travel, or expand your perspective in pursuit of your purpose. 

Capricorn: You are awakened to transformative truths in your intimate relationships and business partnerships. A turning point takes you in a new direction of your connection. Resist impulses early in the week to act recklessly in a moment of inflated confidence. Allow that certainty of self to guide you toward sustainable solutions rather than flashy ones. Take your time building something that will last. 

Aquarius: You are awakened to your specific desires & limits in your relationships and are confident in communicating them. It’s nourishing for you to listen carefully to the perspective of a partner or trusted confidant as well. True feelings reveal themselves, daring you to take thoughtful action. You can strike a mutually joyful and productive balance in your partnerships by remaining present and vocal in each decision together.

Pisces: Your progress toward health & work goals now offers you valuable data that points you in impactful new directions here forward. Clarity grounds you in your purpose and reinforces your commitment to growth. Explore different forms of meaningful discipline or organization that cater to your unique needs. You can make seemingly small shifts now that help you to bring new levels of sustainable joy to your daily habits.

Note to All Skymates: With commitment, you can make great strides this week in strengthening your natural confidence. Start by making a small promise to yourself about something you care deeply about and following through on it. Offer yourself grace as you figure out how to make it happen. Once you do, celebrate that win with a full heart. Then, begin again. Each time, raise the stakes a bit.

KTZ Weekly Horoscope 2.3 – 2.9

Show up for what you love, Skymates! Mercury enters Pisces on Monday, bringing vibrant color to your imagination & emotions. You are tapped into a nuance of possibility that encourages you to think outside the box. As your perspective widens, you discover game-changing ways to express yourself and to build toward your most resonant goals. When Venus enters Aries on Friday, nothing can keep you from what and who you love. It’s a relief to embrace how natural it feels to move forward without dwelling on the past.

A Leo Full Moon occurs in the early morning of the 9th, igniting passion and confidence across the sky. Mars in Sagittarius forms a trine with the Full Moon, feeding the fire of bold individuality. Your emotional intensity leads you to confront conflicts head-on and work toward solutions. Check in with your motivations and refocus when necessary. Stay diligent about keeping your confidence balanced and purposeful rather than ego-driven. Resist impulses to act before considering consequences.

What’s in Store For Your Zodiac Sign (Read your Sun, Moon & Ascendant) …

Aries: It comes naturally to bring a healing intention to your thinking & communication habits. This shift invites a freeing sense of peace into your life. Protecting that peace and cultivating authentic happiness are your top priorities. Seek out ways you can organically contribute to your community without having to overextend yourself. Roll with instincts experiment with your personal style when inspiration strikes. 

Taurus: You are highly visible early in the week, attracting like-minded admirers or collaborators with your work and reputation. Lean into your attraction to rest and privacy as it builds throughout the week. Remain present in the process of tending to your needs and leaving an ending era behind you. The Full Moon reveals your updated needs around feeling safe and supported. Don’t hesitate to communicate those needs clearly to anyone who needs to hear.

Gemini: In the process of expanding your horizons, you find yourself among friends and like-minded souls who motivate you to reach higher. Curiosity leads you to seek out new pockets of community in alignment with your priorities. Standing tall in your authenticity organically attracts opportunities and recognition in your career. This weekend, you awaken to a perspective that grounds you in earned confidence. 

Cancer: A perspective shift awakens you to opportunities to learn and expand in directions that are most resonant to you. Roll with instincts to brainstorm, ask questions, and imagine what’s possible. Reconnecting with this childlike curiosity brings fresh motivation to your career and long-term goals. Remain present in all that you discover about your priorities under the Full Moon. 

Leo: Run with instincts to honestly communicate feelings as they evolve to a partner. With patience and attention to detail, you can tap into a mutually joyful rhythm of energy exchange. Shared adventures can awaken your inspiration or romance and reconnect you to your most resonant overlapping motivations. Offer attention to maintaining balance between supporting yourself and supporting your partner.

Virgo: An earned confidence empowers you to aim high and champion your desires. You are eager to share your passions with collaborators & lovers who care as deeply as you do. Whether they are already by your side, or out in the world waiting for you, be proactive about finding and cultivating the specific kinds of connections you crave. Take space to recharge and work through complex emotions on your own when necessary.

Libra: In the midst of a creative streak, you discover new structure you want to try out in pursuit of your health & work goals. Uncertainty about your path clears away as you figure out a system that works best for you as an individual. While pursuing your most resonant aspirations, you discover motivating community who offer you a joyfully reciprocal energy exchange. Remain open to the endless possibilities of connection.

Scorpio: Recent focus on your roots and foundation brings up intense emotions for you and draws you close to those who make you feel most authentically seen and supported. You are also learning how to take care of yourself in healthier and more sustainable ways. Run with instincts to express strong feelings through your creative voice. A bit of exploration can reconnect you to your passion for your work and longterm goals.

Sagittarius: Bursts of inspiration send you in many directions and keep you on your toes. Your exploration remains in service of your central goals, widening your perspective and awakening you to fruitful possibilities within reach to infuse your life with purpose and passion. Your curiosity guides you to discover solutions in unexpected places for lingering obstacles. Stay present in each moment as it unfolds.

Capricorn: It comes naturally for you to protect your peace and your resources. Roll with instincts to assertively champion what makes you feel supported to be your best self. Express evolved values and boundaries to loved ones and to your community. Resist temptation of overindulgence or quick fixes knowing that the sturdy confidence you desire will be the result of gradually building something sustainable.

Aquarius: It’s exciting for you to allow recent self-discoveries to interact with your world more freely. Embrace instincts to bring intention to your public image and the messages you express. As you stand unapologetically in your truth, your authentic voice is sure to attract exciting connections into your life. This weekend, remain present and honest in the process of a relationship transforming for the better.

Pisces:  You are strengthening your ability to champion your true desires and feelings through communication. It’s a rush to feel heard on this resonant new level. Give yourself room to be socially adventurous as you confidently claim your voice. Fantasies and hype fade to reveal the solid truth and the real-life responsibilities you must take on to make dreams happen. Prioritize sustainability over flash.

Note to All Skymates: Lead with love as you check in with your inner child. Envision them here with you now. Listen carefully (with no judgement or premature editing) to what they need and what their dreams are. What can you do for yourself today to healthily support or inspire that part of you?

KTZ Weekly Horoscope 1.27 – 2.2

Live free, Skymates! Transformative effects of last Friday’s New Moon in Aquarius continue to attract you to reinvention throughout this week. You feel especially rebellious and are committed to your individuality. Roadblocks fall away as you step forward confidently in your power. You naturally attract relationships & collaborations that allow you to shine in your authenticity. Trust yourself to take purposeful risks in alignment with your values. Seek like-minded souls who reciprocate your energy and inspire you to strive for your best.

Make space for your imagination to run wild in this last full week of both Mercury in Aquarius & Venus in Pisces. Embrace your instinct to tune out old training in ways that free you up for innovation and organic moments of passion. Ground yourself in the wisdom you’ve earned in the present moment. Roll with instincts to explore unusual possibilities for collaboration and expression. Indulge curiosities as they emerge.

What’s in Store For Your Zodiac Sign (Read your Sun, Moon & Ascendant) …

Aries: You are stepping into an expansive new era of connection. New understandings of self have completely transformed how you relate to and work with others. Remain present in the process of establishing fruitful new connections based in truth. Let your curiosity guide you rather than your fear. You can make strides toward healing that open doors to shared joy in areas of your life that once felt draining. Trust your instinct to start a new pattern of healthy collaboration. 

Taurus: Fresh starts in your career challenge you to maintain a productive balance in your partnerships. You are also applying more assertive intention in romantic or sexual bonds. Do what you need to reinforce your confidence in what you bring to the table so that you can arrive to your connections with a peaceful focus on the present. Trust instincts to try something new that switches up your usual style and positions you to achieve your unique goals.

Gemini: Your partnerships are opening your eyes to the possibility around you in ways that position you to intentionally rethink your path. There is so much to see, learn, and experience, and you’re eager to cover some purposeful ground. As your ambitions evolve, so do your moral beliefs and priorities. Trust instincts to grow in this resonant new direction. Give voice to all of your needs and desires in your partnerships.

Cancer: Step confidently into this new era of freedom, transparency, and productivity in your partnerships. The truth strengthens bonds, revealing shared passions and goals. Embrace instincts to open up or to play a supportive role for a partner. Consider your energy exchanges. Be honest when you know it’s time to restore balance. Tend to your boundaries with love, knowing they will position you to be more intentionally generous.

Leo: Roll with instincts to offer focus toward maximizing your pleasure. You deserve to feel good and are tuning into ways to make that happen for yourself in unusual ways. First you need to be specific about what you want. Once you’re sure, be direct with partners and lovers. Trust yourself to be realer than you have in the past. It may surprise you to discover organic ways to support a partner while getting everything you need in return.

Virgo: Roll with instincts to bring active intention to your daily habits, work, and physical health. Tend to your personal rhythm with love & commitment to your purpose. Check in with your home and make necessary changes that best support your present-day needs. Bringing your actions into alignment positions you to approach relationships with a full cup. With your needs fulfilled, you are prepared to be generous and present in your love and creative partnerships.

Libra: Inspiration takes you on a creative adventure. Trust your instincts to express yourself in unusual ways. Do what you can to invite a spirit of play into your creative process. As you walk in alignment, you can find yourself among teammates with a resonant shared sense of purpose. Invite transparency into your teams and partnerships, knowing that a shared understanding of that facts can only empower you.

Scorpio: Invite transformative change in your home and family that create space for your full authentic self to feel supported and valued. It’s empowering to be so certain of your personal values, and you are excited to bring your daily routines into further alignment with these priorities. Trust yourself to experiment with new habits. When in doubt, allow your curiosity to guide you. Be honest with loved ones about what you need and remain open to their needs as well.

Sagittarius: Curiosity pulls you in many directions, attracting you to resonant collaborations and friendships. A reinforced certainty in your purpose equips you with a natural confidence as you explore new territory. Trust your instincts to experiment with how you express yourself. You can relate to a wide range of people through your authentic voice. A spark of passion guides you to take on a new practice or area of study that supports your ambitions.

Capricorn: In the process of turning inward to focus on rest & healing, you have arrived at a moment of clarity involving your resources, money, and values. Take this opportunity to make foundational shifts that bring your daily habits into further alignment with your purpose. Resist impulses to surrender your agency to others in moments of uncertainty. Now is the time to create space for an emerging era of freedom and individuality in your life.

Aquarius: You are in the process of establishing a new normal in your life built around prioritizing your authentic voice. A spark of passion reinforces your clarity in your values, inspiring you to invest your time & resources mindfully. Build upon your natural talents and inform your voice so that you can show more of your truth to the world. Experiment with how you communicate and present yourself. Trust instincts to show rather than tell as you defy expectations.

Pisces:  As your anticipation builds toward fresh starts on the horizon, remain grounded in the present moment. Take initiative to tie up loose ends that need not be stretched beyond this point. Intentional moves made now behind the scenes can set you up for success in the long-run, but don’t let your ego be your motivation. With integrity as your central goal, you are sure to organically make an authentic impression.

Note to All Skymates: Consider what your specific goals are for connecting with others. Be completely honest with yourself without judgement. Once you know what you want, think about how to actively seek the kinds of connections you crave that are not yet a part of your life. Someone out there is sure to want or need exactly what you bring to the table.

KTZ Weekly Horoscope 1.20 – 1.26

Welcome innovation with open arms, Skymates! The Sun enters Aquarius on Monday, electrifying your curiosity and drawing you toward evolution. You are intuitively aware of areas of your life that are overdue for an upgrade, and are eager to explore alternatives that work for where you’re at now. You discover resonant new pockets of community in the process. Trust your instincts to interrupt a rhythm in your life that feels outdated with something that truly resonates for you. Give yourself room to try out multiple options.

A New Moon in Aquarius on Friday jump starts an active new era of individuality and connection. You are awakened to a fresh perspective on obstacles before you, and it inspires you to seek out more information and adjust your approach. Let your curiosity guide you to different social situations & forms of teamwork. Seeds you plant in the 10 days following the New Moon will bear fruit in 6 months, so invest your energy intentionally. Remain present in the excitement of paving a unique path that only you can.

What’s in Store For Your Zodiac Sign (Read your Sun, Moon & Ascendant) …

Aries: Trust your instincts to seek out knowledge and expand your reach. There’s only so much you can do on your own, and you’re discovering the joy in working together in a worthy energy exchange. Get your dream team together for a brainstorming session this week. If you haven’t found your people yet, be proactive about seeking them out. A group project you start now has the potential to bloom into something incredible over the coming months. 

Taurus: Trust instincts to approach your career in an entirely new way. Don’t allow others’ expectations limit your unique goals. Let your imagination run wild as you envision your professional life 6 months from now. Explore options within your reach to take first steps toward this vision. Know that you don’t have to do it alone. A powerhouse partnership may be exactly what you need to push you over the edge. 

Gemini: As your curiosity and wanderlust build, resist old impulses to silence them prematurely. A period of profound healing comes to an end, and you are awakened to the endless possibility before you in the place of what once confined you. Let your inner child explore & imagine. Where would you go and what would you do if there were no limits? Is there a partner you hope to bring along for the ride? Do what you need to prepare for the adventure of a lifetime.

Cancer: Recent understandings about your social habits now empower you to bring active intention to your close connections. You realize that habits of hiding parts of yourself in the past were counterproductive to the strong connection you crave. Lean into your enthusiasm to express passions to those who matter most. Whether a sexual, business, or creative partnership, trust your instincts to get more vulnerable than you have in the past or try something completely new.

Leo: A bit of play goes a long way in strengthening and reinvigorating your partnerships. If you haven’t found your perfect team-mate yet, be proactive about seeking out someone with resonant shared goals. Be mindful of whether what you’re offering to the world and to others is truly aligned with what you’re hoping to attract. Make adjustments when necessary. Trust your instincts to share and collaborate in new ways. You can discover fruitful potential for collective growth while having fun. 

Virgo: Recent epiphanies have opened your eyes to your potential to learn & expand in ways you hadn’t even considered in the past. This awakening has electrified your motivation to bring dreams to life, and has inspired you to switch up your direction. You are acutely aware of daily habits that no longer support where you’re headed. Trust instincts to bring your actions into further alignment with these goals. Seemingly small shifts in your schedule and health habits can empower you for years to come.

Libra: Honor instincts to express yourself in new and different ways. You are tuned into a vibration of connectivity that positions you to effectively communicate collective emotions and priorities. Topics that awaken your passion are likely to strike a similar chord for others. This is a powerful time for you to let your creative voice and inner child run free. Document fresh ideas as they come to you along the way.

Scorpio: You are in the process of redefining what family and home mean to you. Resist impulses to fall back into roles you’ve been taught that do not resonate with who you are as an individual. Externally imposed frameworks lose their relevance in your life as you discover, name, and accept your true needs. Trust your instincts to restructure in ways that honor the whole of you. Give yourself time and space to explore your options. 

Sagittarius: You are beginning a transformative new era of sharing your authentic self with the world. Recent internal work you’ve done to recenter now grounds you in confidence in all forms of expression. Epiphanies of self extend outward as you exercise new methods of communication & connection that resonate strongest with your updated priorities. Offer your abilities and resources to exchanges that feed you equally.

Capricorn: Apply creative thinking to your relationship to money & resources. Consider whether your daily routines are resonant with your present-day beliefs and priorities, and be honest about any areas that are in need of a change. A proactive assertion toward healing can open doors for you to live in further alignment with your personal values. Changes you make now can pave the way for longterm abundance and security in your life.

Aquarius: Step confidently into this blooming season of reinvention. Check in with your priorities and consider whether you are effectively communicating these updated values to the world. Make necessary adjustments to your presentation that will make the kind of impression you’re aiming for. Once you’ve filled your own energetic cup, venture out into new and different social experiences. You can make an electrifying impression on others when you’re in your element. 

Pisces: Lean into the wave of releasing old baggage and replenishing your energy. Trust instincts to prioritize rest and self-love. Tend to unresolved conflicts or lingering responsibilities in need of attention with a willingness to follow things through to the finish. You are ending one emotional chapter in preparation for your personal new year on the horizon. Stay present in the process of letting go and recharging so that you’ll have full attention for what’s next.

Note to All Skymates: Do thorough research before diving head-first in entirely new directions. There’s no need to waste time attempting to reinvent the wheel. Looking to the past can offer you the essential insight you need to attract further abundance in the present and future. Invest in learning the basics so that you can confidently pave your unique path. 

KTZ Weekly Horoscope 1.13 – 1.19

Explore new avenues of pleasure & creativity, Skymates! Venus enters Pisces on Monday, opening your heart to compassion. You are tuned into a complex spectrum of possibility for love, and may feel more willing to entertain unusual forms of connection. You discover beautiful potential for mutual joy in situations you you once dismissed in the past. Resist impulses to place unbalanced responsibility for your happiness on a partner. If you find yourself feeling resentful, pull back to consider how to adjust your exchange to be more in alignment with your needs.

Your curiosity to soak up new and different ideas awakens as Mercury enters Aquarius on Thursday. An intriguing thread of information captures your attention, interrupting your normal patterns of thought. Allow yourself to get carried away by curiosity. Your discoveries along the way present options for solving problems and figuring out resonant next steps. Document striking details and synchronicities as they arise. Utilize this last full week of Capricorn season by leaning into your instincts to innovate.

What’s in Store For Your Zodiac Sign (Read your Sun, Moon & Ascendant) …

Aries: In the midst of exciting and challenging developments in your career, be proactive about making time for rest & replenishment. Indulge curiosities about different forms of self care. Put intention into strengthening your spiritual foundation now in preparation for a demanding path ahead. Once you’ve tended to your needs, reach out to trusted community to catch up and support one another.

Taurus: You are excited to navigate professional & social worlds equipped with newly developed knowledge of your identity and purp0se. This new awareness reinforces your confidence and empowers you to communicate more efficiently in pursuit of your true priorities. It’s a strong time for you to market yourself or reach out to potential collaborators. Resist impulses to speak too soon on topics you may not yet have all the facts about.

Gemini: You are overcome with renewed passion in your work, and are eager to aim high toward new heights of achievement. There is no need to wait for a co-sign to start working toward your unique definition of success. Consider what kinds of adventures might inform & nourish your most ambitious career goals. Call up your partner in crime and get a game-plan together that utilizes your strengths as a team.

Cancer: Pursue pressing cravings for adventure with someone you trust. New forms of sharing can lead to a breakthrough with a lover or partner. Reveal your dreams and unspoken desires. Some healthy experimentation guides you toward striking a mutually empowering rhythm of freeing connection. Make consistent communication a priority. Allow yourself to indulge in passion when the moment strikes.

Leo: Energies of last week’s Full Moon Lunar Eclipse continue to ripple through your week, illuminating pathways toward replenishment & healing. Trust instincts to simplify or start over. Allow your evolved priorities to touch your life at your foundation first and then work outward. Check in with you, and then reach out to someone special. Share some down time with a lover or bond with a new collaborator over a passion project.

Virgo:  It comes naturally for you to speak with confidence and address conflicts head-on, particularly in partnerships. Remain open to new forms of vulnerability or collaboration. Trust instincts to try something outside your normal comfort zone as you figure out what’s best for you. Keep joy a top priority over appearance or recognition. Tend to your relationship to self before overextending. It’s never too late to recenter.

Libra: Roll with instincts to show affection and gratitude where it’s due. New certainty in your priorities motivates you to invest time and resources in helping a loved one or nurturing a bond with someone special. You are in the process of rebuilding your foundation in a nourishing new direction. If feeling unsure, creativity or a shared adventure can help you identify and communicate complex emotions. 

Scorpio: Fresh perspectives allow you to see your patterns with family through an clarifying new lens. You discover moments when your words, thoughts, and actions are out of alignment, and have distorted your intentions in the past. Trust instincts to make changes in your daily routines & communication habits that ring true to your higher mind priorities. Indulging in play and creativity can help you answer essential questions.

Sagittarius: Your confidence builds to address problem areas along the path toward your most resonant personal goals. Boldly confront conflicts with certainty in your purpose and a willingness to adapt. With patience, you will discover fruitful possibilities before you. Get creative with your resources. In the process, you can discover healthy ways to distance yourself from distraction, saving time for your passions and goals.

Capricorn: Prioritize your peace & healing. Take the opportunity to tend to your needs behind the scenes over the next month so that when Mars enters your sign on February 20, you’re ready to extend outward with confidence. Investigate how to best champion your priorities. Consider out of the box ways to maximize the impact of your resources. Bring fresh intention to your daily routines and communication habits.

Aquarius: Trust instincts to actively prioritize time for love and sensuality in your daily routines. Consider whether you are truly utilizing the full spectrum of your resources in support of what and who you love most. Indulge in social exploration when the moment strikes. Your relationships enlighten you to your own patterns, positioning you to make necessary shifts that empower you to speak and act more intentionally. 

Pisces:  A personal epiphany reinforces your sense of self. Others are attracted to your passion & confidence. A sense of earned pride overcomes you, inspiring you to celebrate your progress and indulge in your favorite pleasures. Once you’ve had your fill of fun, dive back into resonant passion projects or career goals. Focus on keeping your foundation strong and showcasing what makes your unique touch stand out in a crowd.

Note to All Skymates: As you are more intentional about your pleasure, it becomes easier to identify and avoid sources of pain. Name destructive patterns for what they are, and then do what you need to pivot your attention toward more nourishing focuses. Know that forgiveness does not require reconciliation or continued contact.