KnowGemini Scope May 25 – 26

Gemini, you’ll be feeling gooooood. We’re now solidly in your season and Mercury retrograde has shifted out of your sign. You’ll likely be feeling lighter with each day surrounding your solar return. There can arise a sense of nostalgia or sadness around this time – as well as a looking back at the past. Yet, a harmonious connection between the Sun in your sign and the Moon in Aries will bring you back powerfully into the present. You’re at the start of a new chapter, with your next trip around the sun. How and what it looks like from here, is totally up to you. This blast of fiery energy will remind you of your power, and from here: the sky’s the limit. You and your journey are worth celebrating. Plus, as you cultivate this mindset, you’ll notice everything in your life tends to flow more seamlessly…

KnowGemini Scope May 23 – 24

Gemini, express your truth. The moon is about to enter the final sign of the zodiac, Pisces. With the moon here, the collective tends to shift into a more spiritual, empathic and flowy way of being. You may start feeling more creatively inspired than you have for quite a while – with a harmonious connection taking place between Mars (the planet of action, who also currently sits in Pisces) and your ruling planet, Mercury. This will be a powerful time to bring the truth of your inner world into the outer world; to express exactly who you are, and where you stand. Whether this looks like the birth of an artistic project, or an honest conversation with a loved one – the universe invites you into a space of authentically sharing your beautiful self. 

KnowGemini Wknd Scope May 20 – 22, 2022

Gemini, allow yourself to dream big and to explore new terrain this weekend. On Friday, we start the day with the Moon joining forces with Pluto, offering you the empowerment you need when it comes to getting clear on your boundaries and where you want to be investing your energy. By nightfall the Sun gets ready to say goodbye to Taurus, giving way to Gemini Season.  For the next month, the Sun will be boosting your confidence and your vitality, and shining a light on your journey towards self-discovery. On Saturday, Mercury enters the heart of the Sun, and your mind will shine so much brighter. Don’t hold back when it comes to exploring the things you’re curious about. Explore your inner nature and what it means to be you. Sunday brings the Waning Quarter Moon in Pisces, reminding you that the more sensitivity you bring into your work, the more profound your contributions will be.

KnowGemini Scope May 18 – 19

Gemini, reassess the paths that lead you towards growth. Wednesday starts out with fiery Mars joining forces with dreamy Neptune. The empathic leader within you is being activated. What would you like to do with this energy? The Moon shifts into Capricorn in your area of power and joint resources on Wednesday morning. Allow yourself a bit more vulnerability and depths in the spaces and with the people that make you feel safe. Thursday starts out with the Sun and Pluto in a balancing encounter. Shining a light on the power of your sexuality and shared energy. In order to connect with the depths of your emotional and spiritual world, you must also make space to experience the depths of your physical pleasure. As the day comes to an end, Mercury, in its retrograde motion, makes a sweet connection to Jupiter, inviting you to review who you are when you’re with your friends, and how authentic you allow yourself to be.

KnowGemini Scope May 16 – 17

Gemini, how are you feeling after the Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio last night? Your health, daily rituals and practices, your unconscious mind and your emotional depths are being shaken up, in order for you to be able to release what is keeping you from greater wellness. What occurs during eclipses goes on in the dark, so if you can’t really put your finger on it yet, be patient and know that things are happening even if you can’t see them. Monday will feel lighter than the past days when the Moon shifts into Sag in your area of partnerships. You’ll be feeling flirty. It’s a nice time to be daring. Send your crush a DM or spice things up with your partner. It’s also a good time to talk things out if there are tensions within your one-on-one relationships. Tuesday’s energy wants you to connect with your empathic nature. Open your heart, be loving to the ones around you. You have so much love to give.

KnowGemini Wknd Scope May 13 – 15, 2022

Gemini, your daily rituals can restore or deplete your energy. The next eclipse happens at 12:14am EST on Monday, but we’ll feel its energy as early as Friday when the Sun meets the North Node, reminding us that our challenges strengthen our way forward. You want to improve when it comes to your connection to your inner world. Your mental health needs you to listen to your emotions, to give them room to breathe, to express themselves and to transform. What do you need to let go of? Look into how you structure your life and your everyday practices. Is there enough space to breathe between all of the things you have to do? It’s healthy to be able to get things done and to have different activities throughout your day, but it’s also healing to give yourself the space to slow down and just be. Opportunities to heal will be very present this weekend, especially when it comes to your communities and your creative self-expression.