KnowGemini Scope: May 25, 2024

Take time to reflect upon the meaning behind any unconscious desires that are currently surfacing within you, Gemini. These aren’t necessarily bad things; they can teach you much about the healing you’re in need of bringing into your life. Think about where the beginning of the week found you, and now look at how different your world may seem. Even if it looks similar on the surface, your transformation is palpable. Now that Jupiter in practical, grounded Taurus has taught us its lesson, it shifts into your playful and intellectual sign. You’re about to feel ready to take on the world. Jupiter’s here to create more opportunities for expansion than you previously had. But remember that it can only do for you what you are willing to do for yourself.

KnowGemini Scope: May 24, 2024

Tune into what your body needs today, Gemini. We’re still feeling the expansive vibes of the Full Moon in fearless Sag. It’s a good time to acknowledge and embrace our situations while remaining completely open to our ability to change and to be seen. This is one of the most emotionally charged moments of the year for you, Gemini. Maybe you’ve been traveling far and wide in search of adventure and wisdom. How does this life make you feel deep inside? Spend this time having intimate conversations, write about your feelings, confide in ever so trusted ones. There’s no point in having gained all this wisdom if you can’t share it with those you love.

KnowGemini Scope: May 23, 2024

Today, with the Full Moon in Sag, we can collectively begin to determine what we should do and where we should be aiming our attention. The Full Moon offers a heightened sensibility of our deep needs and desires, and with Venus joining the Sun in Gemini today as well, we have the perfect combination of deep and superficial which will help you in purging out emotions. Avoid the instinct to bottle your feelings, and bring your newfound surface level perspective into your partnerships. Allow yourself the space you need to feel out your emotions and make room for fresh new energy. Sit with your feelings and ask yourself what information you want to express to others. You’ll emerge transformed.

KnowGemini Scope: May 22, 2024

The Scorpio Moon gives us a sexy and passionate vibe, and we should focus on tying up loose ends and moving at our own pace as we prepare for tomorrow’s Full Moon in Sag. For you, Gemini, focus on asking yourself, what do I need to grow? What have I outgrown? These key questions deserve your full acknowledgement at the moment. Take a pause to consider things before the Full Moon energy heats up. Think about your career, your mental health, what side of you enjoys work, and which side of you would rather be doing something else. There’s no time like the present to begin a transformative process that liberates you in every way.

KnowGemini Scope: May 21, 2024

Share your desires to move things out of the way for a more ideal foundation, Gemini. The Moon hangs out in the sign of Scorpio today, bringing you some grounded energy, aligning with your need for a stable and comforting work base. This is a beautiful time to breathe new life into an old space. Gemini, you may be quietly dissatisfied at the current state of your routines. It’s OK, you don’t need other people to agree that there is something worth changing around. If it feels like you’re ready for a change within your work space and health and wellness rituals, that’s reason enough to make a change. The energy of the Scorpio Moon supports making these changes in a way that brings both comfort and stability, encouraging a methodical approach rather than impulsiveness.

KnowGemini Scope: May 20, 2024

Harness your personal power today, Gemini. We can begin to become quite fast-paced, stretched thin, and jump to conclusions as the Sun shifts from grounded Taurus into your intellectual sign of Gemini. But still the current energies are nurturing our imagination and our ability to go within and draw up visions for our life. Gemini Season shines a light on your sector of self, and with the Moon coming out of void of course into Scorpio, you’ll be feeling more in tune with your emotional needs. So much clarity will be present when it comes to the ways to care for and nurture yourself. Act upon it and begin to heal one step at a time.