Key Themes: personal life, rooting, heart-to-hearts, attitudes, self-expression

Gemini, while the month of August is ripe for warmheated interactions, you’re also compelled to discern what truly aligns with you and to focus on the details on your personal life to support your transformation On August 4th, your ruling planet Mercury enters earthy Virgo activating Gemini’s sector of home and family until August 25th. With Mercury in Virgo, your thoughts may be centered on domestic concerns and improving and organizing matters related to your personal life, home, and family.

Venus enters warmheated Leo on August 11th through September 5th, providing an opportunity to place your circuits of information through a filter of love and to have heart-to-heart conversations. With Venus in Leo, you may enjoy short distanced-travel and cheerful interactions with others, especially with siblings and people in your local community.

The Super Full Moon in progressive Aquarius on August 11th illuminates self-defeating attitudes and limiting beliefs as it conjoins with Saturn, the planet of Challenge, in Gemini’s sector of travel and philosophy. This Full Moon compels you to take an emotional inventory of your social network and educational pursuits and to discern whether it aligns with who you truly are – despite conventional norms. This Full Moon also welcomes you to dissolve attachment from the Ego, as it forms a challenging square to Mars in Taurus in Gemini’s sector of spirituality. While this may initially disrupt your inner peace, this Full Moon’s release can support long term healing and satisfaction. As you continue to integrate the lessons of the powerful Full Moon, Mars’ entrance in Gemini on August 20th invites you to sharpen your sense of identity and to get clear your life’s direction. Until November 13th, Mars in Gemini activates your sector of personality and energizes your natural curiosity and social openness as inherent parts of who you are.

On August 22nd, the Sun enters earthy Virgo, lighting up Gemini’s sector of home and family until September 22nd. Welcome to Virgo season! Virgo season is ripe for both inner and outer “house cleaning”. While your sense of wonder can lead you in so many directions, Virgo season challenges you to organize your home life and fill up your cup.

On August 24th, Uranus turns retrograde in sensual Taurus, compelling you to awaken to what makes you feel restricted, especially subconsciously, as it activates Gemini’s sector of spirituality and healing for the rest of 2022. With Uranus retrograde, pay attention to any dreams or fantasies of you embodying your individuality, for they are omens on your path.

The next day on August 25th, your ruling planet Mercury enters graceful Libra, bringing uplifting winds of beauty to Gemini’s sector of creativity and self-expression until September 23rd. Along with Venus in Leo, Mercury in Libra welcomes you to harmonize your mind with colours, shapes, movements, textures, people and activities that help you express the beauty within yourself.

The New Moon in Virgo on August 27th provides an opportunity to renew your sense of belonging and connection to your intuition. Gemini, this New Moon reminds you that getting clear on who you are and where you’re going requires you to tune inwards, listen to your gut, discern what is truly useful, and crystalize your needs.