Key Themes: romance, commitment, self-worth, wellness, rest, closure.

Capricorn, the month of June starts out with Mercury going direct in Taurus on the 3rd. I invite you to take a look at the things you were reviewing from May 23rd until now concerning your creative self-expression, your pleasure, romance, and your spaces of joy and leisure. It’ll be easier for you to let loose and enjoy these days. Your inner child will thank you for it.

On the 4th, Saturn goes retrograde in Aquarius until October 23rd, and you may start to feel the weight of your responsibilities when it comes to your resources and values. What chances are you taking too much of or not enough when it comes to your finances? This will be a good time to take a look into the healthy risks that can uplift your sense of self-worth.

On the 13th, Mercury will re-enter Gemini, bringing back themes that were present between April 30th and May 22nd, concerning your daily rituals and your work, health and wellness practices. Where things may have backfired before, you’ll be able to see and act more clearly now.

The Full Moon in Sag occurs on the 14th at 7:52am EST, and will assist you in getting some closure. This Moon highlights how far you’ve come during the past six months in understanding the importance of not denying your emotions. You may feel a little uneasy, but don’t ignore what’s trying to get your attention. The feelings that are coming to the surface contain within them amazing pearls of wisdom. Give yourself some down time during all of this.

Cancer Season comes rolling in on the 21st, shifting the energy into more of an inner, emotional, grounding and security seeking mood. A light will be shining on your partnerships and commitments. Pay close attention to the issues that arise within your one-on-one relationships. If something needs to be said or talked through, this will be an ideal time to do so. Don’t close up to the feelings that your loved ones are experiencing when it comes to your bond.

On the 22nd, Venus moves into Gemini until July 17th, and with Mercury in the mix, you may enjoy more stimulating conversations than usual in your work and wellness spaces. People will be more open to recognize the value of your efforts and the complexity within the work you do. Try not to push yourself too hard. Venus wants you to enjoy your work life.

On the 28th, Neptune will go retrograde in Pisces until December 3rd, and you may feel a pressure to reexamine your ambitions. Sometimes being too realistic can actually limit you. It’s time to become imaginative about the way you structure your day-to-day life. Especially when it comes to the areas that feel stagnant. How can you bring more magic in?

The New Moon in Cancer also happens on the 28th at 10:52pm EST, highlighting the importance of relationships check ins. This is a wonderful time to talk about upgrading the commitments within your relationships. Get clear about what your intention for coupling is.