Key Themes: self-expression, communication, personal growth, love, healing.

Capricorn, the month of July begins with a shift in energy as Mars enters Taurus, and Mercury enters Cancer on the 5th. Mars will activate your playfulness, your passionate nature, your creative fire and self-expression until August 20th. You’ll have so much energy. Let go of the end goal, and give into having fun. Mercury will bring more movement into your partnerships and commitments until the 19th. It’ll be a great time to have necessary conversations, and to update your agreements.

The Full Moon in Capricorn is happening on the 13th, at 2:37 pm EST, sparking your sense of self. You have accomplished so much on a personal level. If you look back 6 months ago, what have you been able to grow out of since then? You’re completing a process. Remember that you don’t need anyone’s permission to change. 

On the 17th, Venus, the planet of love, shifts into foundational Cancer until August 11th, bringing some warmth into your intimate relationships. Who’s your ride or die? Are you giving them enough of the loving attention they deserve? Make sure you’re not draining your bestie’s or your lover’s energy in order to get whole. Meet each other from a place of wholeness, where you both can feel uplifted.

On the 19th, Mercury shifts into Leo until August 4th, and we begin to get a feel of the season ahead. This is a great time to have the hard conversations as you’ll have more emotional depth to hold yourself through it. A debt that needs to be paid. A comment or an action that made you or someone else feel less then. Issues surrounding sexuality or intimacy. It’ll be easier for you to face this right now, express what you feel, and heal.

We also begin to go deeper into retrograde season on the 19th, as Chiron shifts direction in Aries until December 23rd. This will serve as a reminder for you to relax and take time off when you need it. If you do the work of taking care of your unresolved issues, you will be more productive in the long run.

Leo Season begins on the 22nd, and what’ll start to flow into your life will be due to what you’ve invested in. The places where you’ve decided to put your energy will begin to show its fruits. The collaborations and partnerships that are worth sticking with will make themselves known.

When the New Moon in Leo happens on the 28th, at 1:55 pm EST, allow yourself to find meaning everywhere. Don’t try to keep things sunny and shiny. Life has its ups and downs, its lights and its darks, and everything in between. By opening up to its full experience, and to the vulnerability that this requires, you allow yourself to heal.

Also on the 28th, Jupiter will go retrograde in Aries until November 23rd. During this time, be honest about how you want to expand your home, your need for safety, the things that nourish you, and the traditions that keep you connected to your roots.