Key themes: new perspectives, intuition, falling in love with your personal goals, taking care of your body, daily rituals, ancestry, healing.

What a wild ride 2022 has been, after two years deep in a life changing pandemic, we’ve been able to start taking steps out of a life with so many restrictions (depending on the reality of each part of the world) and step into a life where enjoying the outside world and planning for a future seems more tangible. None of us are the same as who we were three years ago, the collective trauma is real, but so are the ways in which we’re thriving to heal and mend, collectively and individually.

We start December with nebulous Neptune going direct in Pisces on the 3rd, sparking our imaginations and our ability to dream. During the past five months you’ve been questioning how you express yourself. This has helped you come into a fresh perspective and refine your message. Now it’ll be time to trust your intuition from this new found point of view, and connect with the magic available in everyday circumstances.

On the 6th, Mercury, the messenger, leaves the expansive fire of Sagittarius, to enter your earthy focus of Capricorn, followed by Venus, the goddess of love, doing the same on the 9th. This happens in your area of self-discovery and identity. This will be great for your personal goals, as you’ll have just the right words to describe and jot down your long-term plans. Trust yourself, trust your decisions, and go forward with what you want.

The last Full Moon of 2022 is happening in Gemini on the 7th at 11:08 pm EST, reminding us, in the midst of so much chatter, to be in deep exchange with ourselves. Illuminating your area of daily rituals, work, health and wellness practices, this Full Moon asks, how do you keep yourself healthy in the midst of deadlines and the many things that keep your stress levels high? This Full Moon asks you to be practical while acknowledging the needs of your body.

On the 20th, Jupiter leaves Pisces for good and will enter Aries, starting a new twelve year cycle of expansion and wisdom around the zodiac. Just as plants need repotting once their roots have expanded beyond their pot, so do you. How can you bring more spaciousness into the places and the bonds that hold you and nurture you? Move things around, get the energy flowing.

We welcome Capricorn season on the 21st! Beginning with the winter solstice, the sun’s journey through Capricorn reminds us of the power of our commitments. Followed by the last New Moon of the year happening in your sign on the 23rd at 5:17 am EST, bringing a breath of fresh air into your personal goals, journey of self-discovery and sense of self. You are worthy of freedom, and this New Moon urges you to allow yourself more room to move and roam free. This is a time for renewal. Don’t try to force things. Allow for that process to occur.

On the 23rd, Chiron, the wounded healer, will be going direct in Aries in your area of home, family and ancestry. What old wounds are coming up? And how are you addressing them? Chiron is here to help you process, release, transform and resignify your foundational stories and ailments.

2022 comes to an end with Mercury going retrograde in your sign on the 29th. The end of the year will be asking us to review our commitments, to see how much we truly want to be invested in them. Keep this in mind when making your new year’s resolutions. In your case there will be a special focus on self-perception, how you view the world, how the world views you, your journey of self-discovery, and your personal goals and aspirations.