Key themes: Finding the lessons and silver lining, honoring yourself; your body and health, emotions and inner world. Gratitude

Cancer, this is one of those months where a lot can turn around. While we do still have multiple planets retrograde, the universe is inviting you into a grounding and focused place – from which change, and an intentional pursuit of your dreams can come through.

Honoring your body as a temple is the first key theme of the month, and you’ll be feeling it when (on September 3rd) Venus ends its retrograde, going direct in Leo. This has been one of the more tumultuous retrogrades, and you’ve probably experienced some significant shifts in your relationships, finances, and/or health. Remember: retrogrades ask us to notice anything (and everything) that isn’t in alignment with our highest good. As this one draws to a close, it’ll be worth reflecting upon the challenges of the last two months, and asking yourself what lessons were hidden within them. You’ve made it to the other side Cancer. You’re doing great.

Still, we do have another retrograde journey beginning the very next day (September 4th – December 31st), with Jupiter going retrograde through Taurus. This kind of retrograde asks us to collectively acknowledge what we don’t know, and to learn into a willingness to learn more. As this activates your sector of community, you’ll be invited to learn about new ways of understanding and being a part of this global human family, your community, and even social circle. Perhaps you have some blind spots, or areas unbeknownst to you that could radically change and improve your life, when it comes to relating. Sagittarius energy is always about doing rather than thinking. Lived wisdom, rather than learnt through books, intuition over logic. For this reason, it’ll be a potent time to throw yourself (gently) into new environments and anywhere that makes you feel that sense of nervous excitement and joy. Jupiter represents personal expansion, and that’s the beautiful journey you’re now on, now until the end of the year.

The Virgo New Moon (on September 14th) will evoke themes of wellness, consistency and detoxification. As this activates your sector of mental processing, it will be the perfect time to check in with your mental health. How’re you feeling, really? Are you distracting yourself or using coping mechanisms? What could be done to bring your mind into even more balance? New Moons always allow us to invite in new energy, so this one will be particularly powerful for planting new, healthy habits. If you’ve been considering therapy, or even simply sharing with a friend, this could be the time.

The (fall or spring) equinox unfolds on September 23rd, initiating Libra season – and for you, evoking a focus on emotional health, home, and healing. This four week portal invites you to connect with yourself deeply, Cancer. By adopting the objective and light energy that accompanies Libra season, you’ll be granted a unique lens to witness (without becoming subject to) your emotional unfolding. Grant yourself the time and space to reflect, and honor your needs. If there are any feelings or intuitive nudges that you’ve been ignoring, it’s time to face them. You’ve got this Cancer, the universe loves and supports you in aligning with your truth.

Plus, anything out of alignment, can be released with the Aries Full Moon (September 29th). This moon activates your sector of health, beauty and wealth. It’ll be a potent time for gratitude practices; those which bring your remembrance of the gifts and blessings that currently fill your life, so that you can create the resonance necessary for calling in more of the same.