KnowCancers May ’22 Scope

Key Themes: Inner and outer world transformation, expression, exploring your depths

Cancer, you’re on a deep, spiritual, and transformative journey.

May begins with Venus entering Aries, where it will stay until the end of the month. As a result, you might start feeling increasingly proactive. This could also manifest as restlessness, or impatience – so be mindful of directing your efforts with extra awareness.

On May 10th, Mercury, the planet of communication, shifts retrograde through its own home sign of Gemini. You’ll feel the effects of this particular retrograde through your sector of spirituality, meaning and higher connection. For this reason, it may be a particularly powerful time to increase your awareness around your expression. Are your words, thoughts and conversations reflecting your inner divinity? If there’s work to do here, now’s the time for it – and the positive effect this can have on your life is not to be underestimated.

With Jupiter entering Aries on the 10th, joined by Mars on the 24th – the universe is supporting your efforts of taking action. The archetype of Aries is synonymous with that of the Spiritual warrior. This month will be one to act on your inclinations, to follow through on ideas, and to do the work.

The Full Moon lunar eclipse (in the sign of Scorpio) on May 16th invites you into the deep realms of the subconscious. This eclipse is going to shine a light on any fears, resentment or pain points that you may have pushed away. If you’re open to looking at these areas, they can rise to the surface to be healed. With the recent Pluto retrograde through your opposite sign in Capricorn, so much of your understanding of yourself and the world around you is shifting. Trust this process, and think of the butterfly’s evolution. You’ve got this, and the universe supports you.

Lighter vibes arise on May 17, with a harmonious connection between Saturn (structures, career, finances) and Neptune (dreams, creative inspiration). Here you may just receive aha moments as to how you can align these two spheres. It’ll be worth keeping a journal handy.

On May 20 we shift into Gemini season and the lightness continues to increase. You might be feeling a little more social than usual, and if this is the case – lean into it. There’s a lot to learn from others’ when the Sun is in Gemini, and doing so can further your path in ways you can’t yet imagine!

Mercury retrograde shifts out of Gemini, and back into the earth sign of Taurus on May 22, and for you this will be a reminder of the importance in honoring your physical health. This could be a good time to do a detox, or take whatever measures necessary to feel great in your body again. Not just good, but great. You deserve that.

KnowCancers April ’22 Scope

Cancer, the first months of 2022 have carried a pretty intense ‘shake-up’ energy, but with April you’re being offered a bubble of peace, creativity and expansion. With so much planetary action taking place in the water sign of Pisces, you’ll be feeling more emotionally and spiritually balanced than you have all year. It’s as though there’s finally breathing space for your entire being.

You’ll likely see your intuition turn up a gear with Venus entering Pisces on the 5th, to be joined by Mars on the 14th.

Pay attention to the days surrounding April 8th, where a potent harmonious connection arises between Jupiter and the Lunar North Node. If you take the time to find solitude and presence on this day – you may just receive inspiration and downloads regarding your soul journey and next steps forward.

It is worth acknowledging that all the above means that you’ll be feeling even more energetically sensitive than usual Cancer. Be mindful of your environments and conversations. What uplifts you will be even more potent, but what drains you may feel even worse than usual. You can use these responses as a guidance system or compass: move towards what fills you up, and away from what does not.

Midway through the month, you might be feeling more social than you have a while. Here, the universe carries a reminder of the power in connecting your dreams with those around you. Accepting the inspiration and guidance of other beings can expand your horizons – there’s always something to learn from everyone. Plus, simply feeling as though you belong to a community of like-minded beings, will nurture your soul. Afterall, even though your sign likes its personal space – Cancer does reflect the energy of family and belonging.

The Libra Full Moon on April 16th will further illuminate these themes in your chart. For this reason it’s extra important that you’re paying close attention to your emotional world, meeting your own needs, and desires for intimacy.  Taurus season (from the 19th) will bring a sense of stability that has been missing in 2022 so far. It’s from this place that you’ll be able to feel grounded enough to really start getting to work Cancer. If self-improvement is a priority for you, now’s the time for it.

There’s a unique period of peace and lightness that will be felt up to April 29th… where we begin an intense Pluto retrograde. As it takes place in your opposite sign, this may feel particularly uncomfortable for you, Cancer. You’ll be looking at themes of career, finance and traditional models of ‘success.’ While this can arise as shock energy – or the sensation you’re being stretched… retrogrades (particularly this one) are an opportunity to go deep. Here, you’re very much invited into a space of looking at your suppressed pain points. How can you transmute your fears into beliefs of empowerment? This is crucial in both your healing journey, and creating the life of your dreams. This retrograde will be a deep process of clearing anything remaining, that’s holding you back.

KnowCancers March ’22 Scope

Cancer, the month begins with the New Moon in Pisces receiving hopeful and expansive blessings from Jupiter. Take this time to acknowledge how much you’ve improved personally. What you put out into the world these days will be very resonant. Speak and act from all of the love you have in your heart to give. On the 6th, Mars and Venus enter Aquarius, bringing a whole lot of passion and drive into your bonds and collaborations. Things are going to get really intimate. Mercury enters Pisces in your area of spirituality on the 9th, and your focus will go towards the bigger picture rather than the mundane details of your life. If there’s something new you want to learn, this is a good time for it. On the 18th, we have the Full Moon in Virgo. Gifts want to come through you. You are a well of generosity. Tune into how you can give of yourself and never be lacking. On the 20th, the spring equinox brings the Aries Season and the beginning of the zodiacal year. Then Mercury enters Aries as well on the 27th. It’s time to bring all of your courage into your work and into your long term goals.

@KnowCancers February ’22 Scope

The Lunar New Year happens on the 1st, marked by the first Aquarius New Moon of the year. The Ox gives way to the Tiger. Where we’ve had to put all of our focus into only one direction, things will expand. The Tiger wants us to follow our intuition and take bold risks. Cancer, the New Moon will launch a new cycle of empowerment for you. Let go of what no longer serves. Mercury finally goes direct on the 3rd, allowing you to work through your partnership issues with more ease. It then enters Aquarius on the 14th, where it helps you to really go deep within the conversations that need to be had. It can also re-activate your sexuality. The Full Moon in Leo on the 16th wants you to indulge your senses. Connect with what gives you pleasure. Spoil yourself a bit. Venus and Mars join forces in your area of one-on-one relationships. Who would you like to share your pleasure with? Come Pisces Season on the 18th, you’re invited to come out of your comfort zone and have new experiences.

@KnowCancers January ’22 Scope

Cancer, 2022 started out with Mercury entering Aquarius and with the first New Moon of the year in Capricorn. You’ll be able to go pretty deep with your inquiries. It’s a great time to have vulnerable and heartfelt conversations. When Mercury goes retrograde on the 14th, review where you’re feeling limited in your collaborations. On the 18th Uranus goes direct just before Aquarius Season begins. Connect with the ones that allow you the freedom to be yourself without pretensions. If passionate and intense connections come up, role with it. With the Full Moon in your sign the next day, connect with the secret desires you carry in your heart and claim them. During the last week of January, Mars enters Capricorn, and Venus goes direct in the same sign. You’ve been reviewing how you share yourself with another. Now you’ll have the strength to bring new structures into your partnerships.

@KnowCancers December ’21 Scope

Cancer, we kick December off with Neptune going direct, inviting you to experience the things that offer you expansion. Then the New Moon Total Solar Eclipse in Sag on the 4th is a reminder to take better care of you. Start a nutrition plan. Set up a new routine that includes self-care. There’s a lot going on this month, on the 13th Mars enters Sag, giving you the energy you need to focus on your work and health routines, and Mercury enters Capricorn, boosting communication within your partnerships. With the Full Moon in Gemini on the 18th, take time to rest, recharge, and take care of what’s needed behind the scenes. Venus goes retrograde the next day, launching a time of deep soul-searching regarding what you want in relationship. The last Saturn/Uranus clash of 2021 on Christmas Eve puts your attention to where your energy is placed. You fit in where you’re received just as you are.

I renew my relationship with my body and it’s needs. My well-being is at the center of it all. If it’s stressful or makes me anxious, I allow myself to say no. I make time to rest, to meditate, to get in touch with my deeper truth.