KnowCancers June ’23 Scope

Key Themes: Clearing and simplifying, what success means, your spiritual knowing, celebration, self-love

Cancer, you’re officially heading into your season which means that June will carry both energies of clearing and celebrating yourself.

Jupiter is now in Taurus, which can be felt as a collective exhalation. We’re all on a journey of slowing life down, simplifying and returning to what matters in our lives. We’ve been told different stories of what success means; wealth, powerful careers, mastery of a skill, a certain body shape – you’ve heard it all before. But this transit, as well as the Lunar Nodes wrapping up their time on the Taurus-Scorpio axis means that you’re not only starting to redefine “success,” but to integrate these new definitions into your life.

Maybe success to you means a calm nervous system, a balanced partnership, plenty of me-time, freedom to pursue your passions… you name it. The month of June sees you not only giving yourself permission to rewrite the book on success, but to begin striving towards it. And yes, you can strive towards things like more naps. A meeting between the North Node and Jupiter (June 1st) initiates this fire, and will be the perfect time to write down some new goals.

A few days later we have our full moon in Sagittarius (June 3rd). As this activates your sector of wellbeing and organization, it’ll be the perfect portal for some energetic spring cleaning. This might mean physically (or digitally) tidying up your environment, or cutting some energetic chords.

Cancer, as one of the most empathic signs, a consistent practice of releasing can be important for your health and state of clarity. It can be all too easy to take on the energy of others, intentionally or not. To remedy this, I’ve always found saying the following affirmation aloud helpful: “I release any information, energy and emotions which do not serve me.” Exhale, and let go.

Venus entering your neighboring sign (Leo) on June 5th, is going to light you up with a spark of self-empowerment. You might feel this instantly, or steadily increasing over the next few weeks. Simply put, this will feel like permission to unapologetically be yourself. The world is ready, lovely Cancer.

June 17th takes a more practical turn, with Saturn moving retrograde through Pisces. Saturn (ruler of your opposite sign), is probably not your favorite planet. It governs all things tradition, time, structure and authority. Think of the harsh (but secretly kind) personal trainer that pushes you to exceed your own expectations.

This retrograde through Pisces will take on a specifically existential flavor, which for you activates your sector of life purpose and higher meaning. It’ll be a powerful time to ask some big questions about what it is that you’re doing here, and how true that feels to your soul.

The above lays the perfect foundation to enter the season of you. Cancer season begins magically as ever, alongside the equinox on June 21st. Self-love is a word that’s coming up (thankfully) more than ever in our modern, increasingly self-aware society. As a Cancer, it’s a particularly powerful tool and invitation. Your season is not just about celebrating your solar return (birthday), but rather remembering that you are loved, valuable and perfect – as you are, always.

KnowCancers May ’23 Scope

Key Themes: Change, self-discovery, expressing your truth, clarity, your depths

Cancer, May is going to have a slightly electric feel for you. Ruled by the Moon, eclipse seasons tend to evoke a sense of potency even more so for you than other signs. The good news is, as volatile as this could feel, we’re also entering a period which has the potential to manifest enormous positive changes.

You’re going to have to do some diving first though. On May 1st we have a Pluto retrograde in Aquarius, which activates your sector of transformation and subconscious fears. This is going to be a powerful time for some solid self-reflection. If you have a therapist, try seeing them around this time. If you’d rather speak to yourself or a friend, carve out the space to do so. Because the retrograde takes place in Aquarius, you’ll likely notice a theme of how you relate to the rest of the world around you.

On May 5, the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in the sign of Scorpio activates your sector of self expression. You’ll once again visit this theme of how do you present yourself to the world? Where do you hold back, and why? There’ll be a sense of shedding and evolving as always is the case with any Scorpio energy – and you’re ready for it Cancer.

Plus, you are so supported. A reminder of this arises when Venus (the planet of love) enters your sign just a few days later (May 7th). This is going to feel like drinking a hot cup of cocoa on a winter day. This transit tends to evoke a sense of comfort, coziness and a deeper connection to your heart-center. Try to tune into this space, because it’s from here that anxiety and stress tend to dissolve, and from there clarity can emerge.

Deepened clarity will be an ongoing theme this month, with Mercury going direct in Taurus on the 14th. Here, you’re being invited into a new space of embodiment. Reminder: you can be anything you want to be Cancer, including the highest and best version of yourself. What would your life look like if you had no fear? Who would you become? How would you dress? How would you speak? This will be a time to honor your inner essence – to remember who you are, and to express it freely. Nobody will ever be liked by everyone. So why not just be yourself? At least the people who like you will do so for the real you.

On May 20th, the vibes take a turn with the Sun entering Gemini. Gemini season will illuminate your sector of spiritual connection, so this is big! The density of the last few weeks will begin to lift, and you’ll likely feel much more creatively inspired. This will be a time to tune into the things that make you feeeeel. Think: movies, music, art. What nuances of the human experience are you ready to share with the world Cancer? You might take your emotional depth for granted because it’s your second nature… but remember, to the rest of the world, you really do carry mysterious and magical gifts.

KnowCancers April ’23 Scope

Key Themes: The company you keep, emotional processing and guilt, falling in love with yourself and your inner world, new goals

Cancer, April is going to be one of those months where you’re invited to make the healthiest and most self-loving choices that you can. This will mean in terms of relationship dynamics, what (and who) you’re surrounding yourself with, as well as how you’re honoring your own inner world. Get ready, because this month has the potential to revolutionize, heal and radically transform your life. And the good news is – the universe supports you in all of the above.

The month kicks off with Mercury (planet of communication) entering Taurus on April 3rd. This activates your sector of community and networking, so you might notice an increase in conversations, new friends, or past acquaintances reaching out. With Mercury here, you’ll likely notice yourself asserting yourself more directly. Padding conversation with unnecessary floweriness will seem like a chore… which might actually lead to a healthy shift relative to personal empowerment. If you stopped worrying about how you would be perceived, or the feelings of others, what thoughts and opinions would you share more freely? You’re invited to test run this idea for a few weeks.

A few days later (April 6th), we have a full moon in Libra, activating your sector of emotional processing and healing. Because Libra rules relationships, and your month is flavored with a theme of connection – this will be a good one to focus on releasing any grief, resentment, anxiousness or overthinking – relative to your relationships. Is it time for that ex to leave your thoughts for good? There’s a specific message here for you regarding guilt. Tune into your body to feel where it sits, and why. Perhaps you have others actively blaming you for past actions, or maybe it’s something you’ve put on yourself. Regardless, you’re being invited to trust that everything has unfolded for a reason, including that which you might regret. Even if you can’t see the full circle picture yet – simple awareness of the fact, can become a portal for self-forgiveness.

On April 11th, the planet of love and beauty (Venus) enters Gemini and activates your sector of spiritual connection. This transit will be one that invites you to fall (further) in love with yourself, your unique flavor of magic, and your inner world. You might notice more of a desire to spend time in solitude and self-loving ritual. If so, honor this. Loving yourself and appreciating your own company, is the perfect recipe for magnetizing others who love you too.

On April 20th, the lunar cycle shifts you in a different direction with a New Moon total Solar Eclipse, in Aries. Because this activates your sector of manifestation, career and goal setting – you may notice life (and your desires) taking a more practical turn than usual. Not only will it be the perfect time to write down new goals, visualize and clear – it’ll also be a great window to clean up any life admin you’ve been procrastinating. Clearing weighted energy in this way will help your manifestation momentum through this next six-month cycle. You’ve got this Cancer.

KnowCancers March ’23 Scope

Key Themes: Trust, passion, release, healing, co-creating with the universe

Cancer, March is going to bring you some powerful shifts – and they’re the good kind. Over the next four weeks, you’re going to experience closure, new approaches, plus the birth of a new cosmic cycle. There’ll be a lot moving, and this may give you a feeling of groundlessness. Remember that sometimes, that’s okay. You will occasionally move forward through life by having the rug swept out from under you. How dramatic that has to be depends on your ability to adapt and flow with what comes. A mantra for you to keep in mind for the month of March is: I focus on what I can control, and find peace with what I cannot.

The month begins with Mercury entering Pisces on March 2nd, for a few weeks. This will lead to your thoughts becoming a little more soulful and passionate. The mundane might become even less interesting than usual, and all of a sudden you’re being drawn into internet deep dives on all things esoteric and adventurous.

Allow any inspiration to come through here, because with the practical Virgo Full Moon vibes (March 7th), you’ll be able to get to work on bringing plans into reality. Activating your sector of mental processing, this moon also carries a strong theme of releasing and clearing. Virgos are notorious for being particular, and you can apply this discernment energy to your own life.

Also on March 7th, we have Saturn shifting from Aquarius, into Pisces. Saturn governs themes like structure, time and authority. This is the energy which tells us to “toughen up and get to work.” There can be a helpful truth in the last sentence, but as a Cancer, it’ll be easy to see where such ideas have been taken to unhealthy extremes in our modern culture.

Often, the “grind and hustle” mentality comes from a distrust in the universe’s ability to provide… which creates more of exactly that. Cancer, it’s not to say that you shouldn’t take action, but rather – that it can come from a more empowered state: the awareness that you can co-create the life of your dreams.
As Saturn moves into Pisces, you’ll notice that the way life (and others around you) operates, will take on a distinctly more spiritual flavor.

On March 12th, a powerful healing window arises with Jupiter conjoining the asteroid Chiron, in Aries. Chiron is known as the wounded healer, and tends to point us towards our deepest wounding. With the magnifying lens of Jupiter on it – your triggers, fears or frustrations may rise to the surface. If that’s the case, be sure to give yourself plenty of space, grace and love. From there, arises a unique opportunity to deeply heal.

We have a marathon of fire emerging from March 19th, where Mercury (planet of communication) moves into Aries. The next day, we begin Aries season, as well as the new astrological year! This is big. Think chapter-closing-new-year’s-day vibes. You might feel this as a wave of nostalgia, the desire to reflect, excitement for the future, or all of the above.

Laying all of your emotions out will be the perfect thing to do on March 21st, where we have the first New Moon of the astro year, in Aries. This powerful initiatory energy activates your sector of physical manifestation, finances and career. Plus, Mars (planet of action) moves into your sign on March 25th. If there were ever a time to fearlessly shoot your shot, this would be it!

KnowCancers February ’23 Scope

Key Themes: Intuition and spiritual connection, adventure and purpose, prioritizing yourself, laying the bricks of your dream’s foundations

Cancer, February has the potential to be a magical month One where you can reconfigure the more mundane aspects of your life to infuse each day with beauty and a sense of real wealth.

This kicks off with a Full Moon in your neighboring sign, Leo. Because you’re close to the fiery lion of the zodiac (particularly if your Cancer placement is in the early degrees), you have a natural resonance with this sign. Both archetypes are highly emotive, passionate and move through life by feeling. Cancer is ruled by the Moon, and Leo ruled by the Sun, which means this Full Moon offers both an opposite symmetry and natural sense of balance. You’ll feel that, and it may arise as warm feelings of optimism, empowerment or simply a heightened sense of clarity in the days surrounding. Because it activates your sector of spiritual connection, you may also notice heightened intuitive perception around this time.

Mercury is moving into Aquarius on Feb 11th, and with so much evolution in the air (Saturn is in its last chapter within the sign of Aquarius), shifting seasons and swirling tides mean: you are growing, and you feel different. This whole month will feel different.

On Feb 16th a natural deepening of experience opens up with asteroid Pallas Athena entering your sign Cancer. The asteroids tend to be a little less known in popular astrology, but this does not accurately reflect anything about their importance. Pallas’ energy reflects our creative and intuitive intelligence, and can often point to where our inner knowing is sacrificed at the expense of a logic and ‘progress’ driven world. In your own sign you may experience this as a powerful desire to come back to your inner truth, and to live from that place. This could mean anything from adopting a morning gratitude/stillness practice, picking up your paints, or simply being more honest about your feelings with coworkers. Either way, at this time you are invited into a chapter of being more of who you already are.

Adventure, life purpose and meaning will have their volume turned up on Feb 20th, as Aries shifts into the planet of love and beauty: Venus. For you this activates your sector of journeying. Think: hero’s quest energy, and you’re the protagonist. It’ll be a good time for self-reflection, from a broader perspective. If your story was being told, what do you love about it? What are you ready to change? What chapters will come next?

These visions may just come true because on the same day, we have a dreamy Pisces New Moon. Ruled by the moon, your connection to its cycles runs deep Cancer. Use this new (and closing) lunar chapter to release all that burdens and blocks you unnecessarily. You’re ready for even more.

KnowCancers January ’23 Scope

Key Themes: ​​Empowerment, changing your life, balanced relationships, dreaming big

And here we are Cancer, 2023. This powerful month (and indeed year) can be one that catalyzes positive change that stays with you for the rest of your life. Get ready.

We kick off the year with our first Full Moon of the year, on January 6th. Here, the moon is in its home sign of… you guessed it – Cancer. This Full Moon tends to be one of the most powerful of the whole year, almost like the potency of a Full Moon is compounded on itself. Activating your sector of identity, the universe is inviting you to step into a more empowered and embodied state. It’ll be a time to connect with your power and strength – as well as the awareness of both of these things. As a Cancer, you may have the tendency to minimize or underestimate yourself, but here’s a reminder that doing so is not necessary. 2023 can look like a completely different chapter than the ones that have come before it. Set your intentions here, and so they will be.

Almost a week later (Jan 12th) we see the planet of action Mars, ending its retrograde and going direct in the sign of Gemini. This means a sense of clarity, forward momentum and inspiration will be invigorating your sector of spiritual connection and creativity. This might be a time when you start receiving some epiphanies or full circle moments about your place in the world. It will also be an incredible time to lean into creative or artistic pursuits. Think pottery classes, painting, writing – or whatever else floats your boat.

A week later Jan 18th we also collectively end our Mercury retrograde, with the planet of communication going direct in Capricorn. Cancer, for you this activates your sector of relationships – making it the perfect time to have some honest conversations (whether internally or actually with another person). It’ll be a period where you will be able to tune clearly into themes like giving and reciving, and whether or not your relationships feel balanced. There may be some adjustments required, but trust that by knowing you deserve loving relationships and creating the space, you’ll allow the right people to enter (and stay in) your life.

A few days later (Jan 20th), Aquarius season begins, and we have a New Moon the next day on Jan 21st. This seed sowing time will be a deep and potent one for you, as it’s activating your sector of transformation and the subconscious. Get ready for themes that have been brewing to boil up to the surface, and don’t be too surprised at what you find. More often than not, even the ‘ugly’ truths are necessary to acknowledge before toxic situations can be transmuted into power and healing. Here, there’s a reminder that life isn’t always comfortable, but that certainly doesn’t mean you’re failing. Trust your intuition, in spirit, and all will fall into place as it should.

We end the month on a transcendental note with Venus entering Pisces on Jan 26th. In other words, the universe is inviting you into a space of dreaming as big as you possibly can, knowing that abundance is available, and your birthright.