KnowCancers December ’23 Scope

Key themes: Cosmic shifts, connecting deeply, new resolutions, balance, honoring and celebrating your sensitive nature, remembering what you’re capable of

Dear Cancer, for you December will feel like one of the most chill, gentle, nurturing and playful months of the year, all at once. The prevailing cosmic currents of the year are taking some major positive turns, and it’s (relatively) smooth sailing from here.

On December 1st Mercury enters Capricorn, activating your sector of relationships, and a few days later (Dec 4th) Venus enters Scorpio, activating your sector of romance and play. This is a potent time for companionship, whether that means rekindling an old flame, or seeking new connections. With this kind of transit, superficial layers and small talk tend to be stripped away. You’re being invited to connect with others in real, raw and vulnerable ways (platonically or not). It’s time to share the real you Cancer, to meet others (or a specifical special one) exactly where you are.

Besides, your inner world and intuition will be heightened with Neptune going direct in Pisces on December 6th. This magical transit creates an ethereal vibe up to and around our last New Moon of the year, on December 12th. Taking place in Sagittarius, this moon activates your sector of wellbeing and routine, offering you the perfect opportunity for initiating new habits. Yes, it’s the last month of the year, but lunar cycles are just as powerful as New Year’s resolutions (perhaps more so, for a sign that’s ruled by the Moon!). As a cardinal sign, it’s important to leave spaciousness around commitments. For example, rather than forcing yourself into yoga every morning at 8am – why not promise yourself you’ll do it in some form (and when you feel like it), at some point each day?

Mercury begins its Retrograde in Capricorn on December 13th, before moving into Sag (December 23rd). For you, this retrograde will take the above themes further – as you’re specifically invited to work on the balance between relationships in your life, and your own wellness priorities. Where are your connections beneficial to your health, and where are they draining? Retrogrades are times of refinement and tweaking. Perhaps your social media obligations are weighing you down mentally. Maybe your gossip buddy becomes your pilates partner – or maybe it’s time for some healthy boundary setting. You’ll figure it out Cancer, you’ve got this.

The final week of the month (and year) will be a big one. Your most powerful Full Moon of the year, in Cancer unfolds on December 26t, and you’ll feel it. You can use the days up to, around and following, to intentionally release any grief that sits within your emotional body. This is natural, and necessary. Even on a collective level, it has been an extremely challenging year, and to deny this is to suppress. You’re strong in your emotional depths dear Cancer. It’s your superpower, and this Full Moon invites you to embrace that fully.

Magic’s on the way with Jupiter (ruler of expansion and synchronicity) going direct on December 30th. This activates your sector of community and belonging, meaning you’ll receive some aha moments regarding your place in the world… and perhaps even where you should go next. You’re being cosmically reminded that anything is possible, no dream is too big, and that if you have one… that’s already your sign. Balancing pragmatism with the very real idea that you can bring your visions to life, will evoke the perfect foundation for entering 2024. You deserve this and more!

KnowCancers November ’23 Scope

Key themes: Inner child energy, remembering what matters most, honest expression and confidence, magic is back

​​Dear Cancer, November brings magic: deepened empowerment when it comes to the ways that you express, as well as plenty of opportunities to release old, outdated or redundant energy from your life. As we head towards the end of 2024, you’ll feel a wave of light, expansion, growth, and inner child energy. Enjoy.

On November 2nd, asteroid Vesta starts its retrograde. Because this moves through your sign, this transit will be particularly potent. You can think of Vesta as one shade of your inner spark. It’s an area where you’ll naturally be able to cultivate a lot of dedication, focus and commitment, effortlessly and lovingly – as an extension of yourself. Now moving retrograde through your sign, Vesta invites you on a journey of identifying what it is that means the most to you. What motivates you to get up every morning? What would you dedicate your life to? What means the most? And what do you love the most? As with any retrograde, there will be a learning curve here. So, trust the process Cancer. This could mean losing things that you once thought you cared about, and learning a whole lot more about yourself in the process.

On November 4th Saturn goes direct at the first degree of Pisces, which to you will feel like the brakes are finally being released. This transit is moving through your sector of adventure, and life purpose – so you may start to feel more clarity when it comes to those areas. It is worth remembering that Saturn often shows up as challenges and/or obstacles. Get ready, because you’re going to either dissolve, adapt, overcome or transcend them. Tip: sometimes this can be as simple as understanding why they’re there, and gaining the lesson before it can move on.

On November 10th, Mercury will enter Sagittarius, and with our planet of communication in a sign ruled by Truth, your words will feel more bold, assertive and direct.

Adding to the truth-telling vibes is a New Moon in Scorpio, on November 13th which illuminates your sector of self-expression. The energy of Scorpio (amongst other things), rules fears – and so this New Moon presents a perfect portal for cultivating extra confidence, empowerment and strength when it comes to your own authenticity – through exploring your fears. Where do you hold back your truth Cancer? And why? What are you afraid of?

Major moves are taking place on November 19th, with Pluto shifting into Aquarius (where it will remain up until March 2043). Given the weight that Pluto holds in astrology, this is a huge deal Cancer. First of all, the Planet of Shadow is moving out of your opposite sign. Here, it naturally had an extra destabilizing impact on you, and this new shift will (in so many ways) feel like a huge weight off. Plus, on a broader level the flavor of our collective evolution shifts from Capricorn, into Aquarius for the next two decades. In other words, we’ll be adjusting and evolving alongside Aquarian themes like societal revolution, technological innovation, community orientation and so on. If Pluto in Capricorn was about dismantling disconnected patriarchal systems, revealing the exploitation of governments, and presenting global consequences of material greed on broader and individual levels… Well, mission accomplished. Pluto Aquarius will bring us new ways to address, innovate and resolve some of these issues. It will also bring its own shadow… watch this space.

On November 22nd, we have our first official day of Sagittarius season. Sag energy is extremely helpful for you Cancer. It infuses your soul with clarity, purpose and drive. If you’ve been feeling lethargic or sluggish in your body, this will be a time to get moving again, as it will feel significantly more seamless. It’s also the perfect window to reconnect with your humor, and sense of play.

We wrap up with a Full Moon on November 27th, which takes place in Gemini and activates your sector of spiritual connection. As a result, this can be one of the trippiest Full Moons of the whole year for you. It’ll be the perfect one to stargaze, meditate, pull tarot cards, or have long chats about the existential nature of life. If you’ve been feeling disconnected from yourself or spirit, this will be one of those times where the world begins to tingle with magic again.

KnowCancers October ’23 Scope

Key themes: full spectrum experience, connections, mental health, finding home, momentum and adventure

Cancer, October is going to feel cozy, transformative, a little challenging, but deeply healing. It’s one of those months where you’ll feel the full spectrum of human experience which can be an incredibly beautiful and rich thing.

On October 4th Mercury enters Libra, activating your sector of emotional healing. This transit invites you to notice where you do or do not trust those around you and to reflect on the validity of your assumptions. As one of the earlier signs in the Zodiac your perspective tends to be extra flavored by yourself, which (in many ways) is a wonderful thing. Yet, by the time we’re at Libra, the Zodiac orientation moves from the Self to Other… and there are things to be learned here too.

With the Lunar Nodes on the Aries Libra axis, this balancing of self (Aries) and other (Libra) is actually something we’re all learning… and this Libra season is a taster. The Venus-ruled sign of relationships reminds us that we’re all inevitably part of a larger group and flavored by the connections we share. We’re supported, carried always to some degree, by those around us. Libra also reminds us that life can be a little easier when we don’t take things quite so personally!

Venus shifts into Virgo on October 8th, activating your sector of mental health. This transit is all about refining and detoxifying, and so you’re invited to notice where your vices, coping and/or distracting mechanisms detract from your life experience overall. Maybe it’s time for a tech detox, or to simply change your social media habits. Maybe it’s watching less violent shows, or gossiping less. The question here is: how can you ensure that your mind is feeling healthy, nourished and supported?

On Oct 10th, you may feel a cloud of gray being lifted off you, with Pluto going direct in Capricorn (your opposite sign). This retrograde has been moving through your sector of relationships, and with its stationing direct you will likely feel clarity, lightness or newness in this sphere. Here, the universe reminds you that as one of the signs of the zodiac that feels the very most, you’re on a profound journey here Cancer: divinely held and guided.

You’ll feel this up to and around the New Moon Solar Eclipse in Libra (October 14th). Eclipses are huge for everyone, but particularly so for you, as the sign ruled by the Moon. This one powerfully activates your sector of home, family, belonging and safety. You’re invited to reconnect with the things that make you feel warm, safe and loved. What did you love as a child? Think; foods, music, people, movies.

On October 23rd, we officially begin Scorpio season as the Sun joins Mercury in the fixed water sign. For you, Scorpio season tends to be quite familiar. Activating your sector of self-expression, play and humor – now’s the opportune time to tap into your inner reservoirs of power and confidence.

October 28th sees a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Taurus that brings you clarity, closure and full circle moments – particularly relative to your position and place in the world. As a Cancer, solitude can feel quite natural for you… but this moon will be a time to reflect on how you are a valued part of a much bigger picture.

More retrograde relief will arise on November 4th with Saturn going direct in Pisces, which will catalyze quite a fiery wave of energy and momentum. Travel may be on the plans whether that’s internally or externally. Enjoy!

KnowCancers September ’23 Scope

Key themes: Finding the lessons and silver lining, honoring yourself; your body and health, emotions and inner world. Gratitude

Cancer, this is one of those months where a lot can turn around. While we do still have multiple planets retrograde, the universe is inviting you into a grounding and focused place – from which change, and an intentional pursuit of your dreams can come through.

Honoring your body as a temple is the first key theme of the month, and you’ll be feeling it when (on September 3rd) Venus ends its retrograde, going direct in Leo. This has been one of the more tumultuous retrogrades, and you’ve probably experienced some significant shifts in your relationships, finances, and/or health. Remember: retrogrades ask us to notice anything (and everything) that isn’t in alignment with our highest good. As this one draws to a close, it’ll be worth reflecting upon the challenges of the last two months, and asking yourself what lessons were hidden within them. You’ve made it to the other side Cancer. You’re doing great.

Still, we do have another retrograde journey beginning the very next day (September 4th – December 31st), with Jupiter going retrograde through Taurus. This kind of retrograde asks us to collectively acknowledge what we don’t know, and to learn into a willingness to learn more. As this activates your sector of community, you’ll be invited to learn about new ways of understanding and being a part of this global human family, your community, and even social circle. Perhaps you have some blind spots, or areas unbeknownst to you that could radically change and improve your life, when it comes to relating. Sagittarius energy is always about doing rather than thinking. Lived wisdom, rather than learnt through books, intuition over logic. For this reason, it’ll be a potent time to throw yourself (gently) into new environments and anywhere that makes you feel that sense of nervous excitement and joy. Jupiter represents personal expansion, and that’s the beautiful journey you’re now on, now until the end of the year.

The Virgo New Moon (on September 14th) will evoke themes of wellness, consistency and detoxification. As this activates your sector of mental processing, it will be the perfect time to check in with your mental health. How’re you feeling, really? Are you distracting yourself or using coping mechanisms? What could be done to bring your mind into even more balance? New Moons always allow us to invite in new energy, so this one will be particularly powerful for planting new, healthy habits. If you’ve been considering therapy, or even simply sharing with a friend, this could be the time.

The (fall or spring) equinox unfolds on September 23rd, initiating Libra season – and for you, evoking a focus on emotional health, home, and healing. This four week portal invites you to connect with yourself deeply, Cancer. By adopting the objective and light energy that accompanies Libra season, you’ll be granted a unique lens to witness (without becoming subject to) your emotional unfolding. Grant yourself the time and space to reflect, and honor your needs. If there are any feelings or intuitive nudges that you’ve been ignoring, it’s time to face them. You’ve got this Cancer, the universe loves and supports you in aligning with your truth.

Plus, anything out of alignment, can be released with the Aries Full Moon (September 29th). This moon activates your sector of health, beauty and wealth. It’ll be a potent time for gratitude practices; those which bring your remembrance of the gifts and blessings that currently fill your life, so that you can create the resonance necessary for calling in more of the same.

KnowCancers August ’23 Scope

Key themes: a fresh chapter, honoring emotion, romance and self-love, your work in the world, visualization and dreams

Cancer, if life feels a little different, you’re probably onto something. First, you’re in the first month and new chapter of your solar cycle. The blank slate energy is real.

Secondly, we’ve just come out the other end of a huge cosmic shift, which saw the moon’s nodes switching polarities, after 18 months. The North Node is officially out of Taurus, and into Aries – while the South Node has left Scorpio, for Libra. The lunar nodes tend to set the tone for our personal and collective journeys, so that feeling that the flavor of life has changed, is accurate! From now through to January of 2025, you’ll be on (and witnessing in others) a journey of balancing yourSelf, and relationships.

But back to the now! August kicks off with an Aquarius Full Moon (on August 1st), which activates your sector of transformation and deep healing. For this reason, this could be one of the most potent Full Moons of the year Cancer, and one worth carving out space for. It’ll be a powerful time for journaling, reflecting and releasing any denser emotions which have been sitting with you. If you need a good cry, throw on a good playlist and go for it. Grief is a powerful, alchemical process Cancer – and one you can honor. This too is a form of self-love.

On August 9th harmonious and practical vibes flow through with Mercury connecting harmoniously with Jupiter. You might feel this as a spark of inspiration, clarity or momentum. Mercury in Virgo is all about fine tuning the details in the present; but as it converses with Jupiter – you may just catch a glimpse of your unique path forward, and a glittering future.

Juno entering Leo on August 15th might just have you feeling ready for open adoration Cancer. With the asteroid of partnerships in the sign of romance, don’t be surprised if you start feeling more naturally confident and assertive. If you’ve had a crush, it may be the time to shoot your shot!

And confidence is what it’s all about, with our New Moon in Leo the very next day (August 16th). This is a time for celebrating yourself in your totality; your “flaws,” gifts, quirks, and the journey you’ve traversed. Leo energy reminds us all to quieten down the inner critic; that treating yourself with love, will allow you to be your best self – and to live your best life.

Virgo season beginning (August 23rd) on the same day that Mercury stations retrograde in Virgo, brings a more focused tone to the month. While Leo season reminds us that life is a celebration, Virgo adds that we do have a responsibility to bring our personal best to the table. Whether that’s mastery of a skill, consistency, helpfulness, kindness– this transit (and accompanying retrograde) invites you to honor your “work” in the world. At the same time as being individuals, we’re all a community: who we are, is just as important as what we bring to each other.

We wrap up the month with a Pisces Full Moon on August 30th, activating your sector of life purpose and meaning. This will be a time to ask the big, existential questions Cancer. How aligned do you feel with your dreams? Are you on track with your visions? Full Moons invite us to release all that holds us back from our highest timelines… and you’re ready for even more.

KnowCancers July ’23 Scope

Key themes: Celebration, health and body healing, practical manifestation, a new chapter

Cancer, we’re officially in your season and you’re ready to thrive, heal, grow and attract more abundance than ever into your life. The good news is, all of the above is on the menu for the month of July.

We begin with a Full Moon in your opposite sign of Capricorn. This one activates your sector of relationships and will feel particularly powerful as it aligns with the planetary nodes of Jupiter (planet of expansion). Because Capricorn energy is actually your opposite vibe, it’s also the place where you’ll be able to access balance and personal evolution. This week’s signature is all about getting honest with yourself about your dreams; as well as determining what steps you can take to make them happen. Your sign’s vibes are inward and yin, ruling emotions and safe space; while Capricorn’s energy is outward and yang, ruling finance and building in the world. But this doesn’t mean you have to be disempowered when it comes to manifesting externally. You’ll be able to infuse your “work” spheres with your unique magic. This just takes a little (or a lot of) creativity, consistency and self-belief. You’ve got this Cancer.

Plus, you’re more than supported by the universe. On July 10th, Mars (planet of action) enters Virgo – one of the most objective and practical signs of the zodiac. Virgo energy is highly service-focused, and you’ll notice a shift in your desire to get to work. This might mean decluttering your space, applying for new jobs, or getting started on that creative project. Ride the waves, and it’ll pay off. You’re at your solar return and a brand new chapter Cancer. Anything is possible.

The creative fire will continue blazing with Mercury entering Leo on July 11th. Leo, amongst other things, is the sign of creative expression. Think of the energy where your inner child finds joy in effortlessly creating, with no self-perceived limitations. These are the vibes that you’ll be able to tune into, and you’re here for it.

July 17th’s New Moon in your sign is a super powerful time for more than one reason. A New Moon in her ruler (your sign) is always potent, but on this day the lunar nodes are also shifting for the first time in eighteen months. If it aligns, use this time to reflect back on the last year and a half, and the lessons and themes that arose. You’re now wrapping them up, and heading into a new chapter of evolutionary growth. Because the nodes will now be activating your sectors of career and family, it’ll be worth paying extra attention to these themes.

Venus is stationing retrograde on July 22nd through the sign of Leo, and for you this activates a strong journey of self-love and healing; specifically relative to your body. This might mean taking an honest look at your health and vitality, to see how you can better nurture yourself. It might mean pouring more love and appreciation into your body, and noticing where you’ve previously treated it either like a machine or something “flawed.” Either way, your body gifts you life, breath and your experiences in every moment. No matter how you feed or treat it, it tries its best to function for you. Here, the universe is reminding you that your body is one of your best friends.