@KnowCancers July ’21 Scope

With your annual new moon occurring on the 9th, Cancer, your metamorphosis this month is all about putting yourself and your needs first. You may have been too much of a people-pleaser in the first half of the year, and it could feel draining for you. It’s time to make a change and to get clear about what new reality you’re ready to create for yourself. The Aquarius full moon on the 23rd could lead to you receiving a financial windfall that you’ve been working on manifesting in your life since the beginning of the year. Take time to invest in smart financial management this month — it’ll pay off.

@KnowCancer June ’21 Scope

Cancer, you’ve been growing tremendously these past five weeks, with Mars chillin’ in your sign. On the 11th it bids you adieu and enters Leo, where your sector of abundance and security is activated. Your financial windfall is on its way to you, after weeks of introspection and soul-searching about what your passions are and what your mission is. Your main job this month is to make room for the abundance you’ve worked so hard for. It’s yours now. Receive it boldly and gratefully!

@KnowCancer May ’21 Scope

Cancer, now that Mars is spending all month in your sign, you’re starting to feel more at ease with your heightened sensitivity and intuitiveness. It’s actually going to get even stronger this month, and you’ll feel like the ultimate superhero. What will you do with your magnetic gifts? Anything you choose, of course! Let this eclipse season encourage you to view life as your canvas. It’s time to switch things up and add even more adventure, spontaneity and freedom into your life. You know you want to.

@KnowCancer April ’21 Scope

Take time to be more meditative than you already are, Cancer. This can easily be done by decreasing your technological use and being more mindful of your environment. Start living your life as though technology wasn’t as immediately accessible to you, and let your breath guide you. You’ll realize (“real eyes”) that this helps you slow down the pace of your life, and deeply relaxes you.