Key Themes: Mental balance, minimization, self-reflection, prioritizing yourself

Cancer, the last few weeks have meant a wild and transformative ride for the collective and September is where the waters start to settle. This month is going to offer you a wonderful opportunity to regain clarity, consistent momentum, and a sense of empowerment for your path forward.

We’re officially in Virgo season and on September 5th, the planet of beauty and love (Venus) moves there too. Venus also governs our value systems, which means this month will carry a theme of prioritization for you. What do you really love and value in life Cancer? What would you be happier without? With Virgo, less is more. This month is also going to remind you of the importance of mental balance and clarity.

Virgo energies tend to carry a lesson of connecting our quality of life, with the choices we’re making on an ongoing basis. You can use the analytical nature of these planetary vibes to check in with yourself at every moment. Does this feel good? Or should I do this instead? Eventually, prioritizing the best options for yourself will feel like an automatic function.
Remember, this sign as well as yours – does have ‘self-sacrificing’ tendencies. This month will therefore be one for placing extra awareness around your own energy Cancer; whether you’re overextending or balancing that sweet spot of love for self and other.

September 9th sees Mercury begin its retrograde in Libra, and this transit is going to bring you more self-reflection Cancer. For you, the retrograde will be highlighting your sector of home, belonging, family and emotional safety. It could feel like a sensitive time, meaning discernment with your energy and how you’re spending it is all the more important. Be careful not to drain yourself too excessively, for it’s here that you’ll lose the ability to connect with your intuition and sense of inner guidance.
Retrogrades are all about evaluation and assessment, so with this in mind – ideally you’ll have the ability to carry a dose of healthy objectivity into it all.

This month’s Pisces Full Moon (September 10th) is going to be a big one for you – as it activates your sector of life purpose, adventure and travel. You might be feeling more impulsive and spontaneous, and this cosmic signature is giving you its blessing. Why not mix it up and take a trip? Being around a body of water during the days surrounding a Full Moon can be the perfect healing tool for you Cancer – as you are of course, ruled by the moon. There’s a reminder here of following your intuitive voice, even if it seems to go against ‘logic,’ there will always be something to explore.

September 22nd brings the equinox, further establishing this theme of Balance throughout the month. With the Sun now in Libra, you’ll be feeling lighter and more playful than you have in quite some time. All of a sudden, after having established and tried out some new healthy habits – life just feels easier.

This sense of ease continues with Venus entering Libra on September 29th. Cancer, you could be feeling flirtier, or more confident. If new opportunities arise, now’s the perfect time to lean into them.