Key themes: full spectrum experience, connections, mental health, finding home, momentum and adventure

Cancer, October is going to feel cozy, transformative, a little challenging, but deeply healing. It’s one of those months where you’ll feel the full spectrum of human experience which can be an incredibly beautiful and rich thing.

On October 4th Mercury enters Libra, activating your sector of emotional healing. This transit invites you to notice where you do or do not trust those around you and to reflect on the validity of your assumptions. As one of the earlier signs in the Zodiac your perspective tends to be extra flavored by yourself, which (in many ways) is a wonderful thing. Yet, by the time we’re at Libra, the Zodiac orientation moves from the Self to Other… and there are things to be learned here too.

With the Lunar Nodes on the Aries Libra axis, this balancing of self (Aries) and other (Libra) is actually something we’re all learning… and this Libra season is a taster. The Venus-ruled sign of relationships reminds us that we’re all inevitably part of a larger group and flavored by the connections we share. We’re supported, carried always to some degree, by those around us. Libra also reminds us that life can be a little easier when we don’t take things quite so personally!

Venus shifts into Virgo on October 8th, activating your sector of mental health. This transit is all about refining and detoxifying, and so you’re invited to notice where your vices, coping and/or distracting mechanisms detract from your life experience overall. Maybe it’s time for a tech detox, or to simply change your social media habits. Maybe it’s watching less violent shows, or gossiping less. The question here is: how can you ensure that your mind is feeling healthy, nourished and supported?

On Oct 10th, you may feel a cloud of gray being lifted off you, with Pluto going direct in Capricorn (your opposite sign). This retrograde has been moving through your sector of relationships, and with its stationing direct you will likely feel clarity, lightness or newness in this sphere. Here, the universe reminds you that as one of the signs of the zodiac that feels the very most, you’re on a profound journey here Cancer: divinely held and guided.

You’ll feel this up to and around the New Moon Solar Eclipse in Libra (October 14th). Eclipses are huge for everyone, but particularly so for you, as the sign ruled by the Moon. This one powerfully activates your sector of home, family, belonging and safety. You’re invited to reconnect with the things that make you feel warm, safe and loved. What did you love as a child? Think; foods, music, people, movies.

On October 23rd, we officially begin Scorpio season as the Sun joins Mercury in the fixed water sign. For you, Scorpio season tends to be quite familiar. Activating your sector of self-expression, play and humor – now’s the opportune time to tap into your inner reservoirs of power and confidence.

October 28th sees a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Taurus that brings you clarity, closure and full circle moments – particularly relative to your position and place in the world. As a Cancer, solitude can feel quite natural for you… but this moon will be a time to reflect on how you are a valued part of a much bigger picture.

More retrograde relief will arise on November 4th with Saturn going direct in Pisces, which will catalyze quite a fiery wave of energy and momentum. Travel may be on the plans whether that’s internally or externally. Enjoy!