Key Themes: Balance, life admin, grounding dreams into reality, self-care

Cancer, this is going to be one of those months in the year that you look back on as being a catalyst. Remaining aware and balanced in yourself will allow you to navigate these intense cosmic vibes with grace and clarity – seeing you come out the other side as a more empowered version of yourself.

On October 2, Mercury goes direct in Virgo and this signature is one that will bring clarity and a sense of focus that you probably haven’t had for a little while. Now’s the time to get your affairs in order; any admin or general mental tasks that may have previously seemed off-putting.

Pluto goes direct on October 8th, and this will bring you more clarity – specifically in the sphere of your relationships. This is a time to reflect on current dynamics between you and those most present in your life. Is everything aligned, healthy, uplifting and supportive? Or are you being stretched? Answers will begin bubbling to the surface around now, and the universe supports you in setting boundaries and making the healthiest choices for yourself. On the flip side, if all is well – this could be a beautiful time to lean further into intimacy and vulnerability with another.

The very next day a Full moon in Aries activates your sector of wealth and physical abundance. I’m sure you’ve heard the importance of cultivating gratitude to bring through more blessings, and this moon (for you) is a reminder of that. It will be a particularly potent time to acknowledge the beauty that surrounds you – to really open your heart, and allow even more goodness to fill any spaces.

Saturn going direct on October 23rd is going to provide you with some much needed harmony when it comes to spheres of work and finances. Because it’s activating your sector of the subconscious, this will be a powerful time to notice any limiting beliefs or deep-seated fears which are holding you back from achieving the abundance you seek. This is a time to go through your psyche with a fine comb, release, renew – and begin grounding your dreams into reality by taking practical steps forward.

We have massive collective energies and upheaval with the Scorpio eclipse which takes place on October 25th. As such an empathic sign (who is indeed ruled by the moon), this will be a key time to focus on keeping your own energy exactly that: your own. Try to avoid denser vibes like gossiping or judgment around this time – they’ll feel worse than usual. It’ll also be worth cultivating patience and compassion for any one going through it (or acting out) at this time. Because this is a south nodal eclipse, it’s almost as though the whole collective will be triggered on an individual level. Be gentle with yourself too!

We close out the month with Mars going retrograde in Gemini – a healing portal which will continue into next month. This initiates a reminder for you to take care of your mental health. Mimimize, and declutter anything (or anyone) negative, that takes up unnecessary space in your mind.