Key themes: Inner child energy, remembering what matters most, honest expression and confidence, magic is back

​​Dear Cancer, November brings magic: deepened empowerment when it comes to the ways that you express, as well as plenty of opportunities to release old, outdated or redundant energy from your life. As we head towards the end of 2024, you’ll feel a wave of light, expansion, growth, and inner child energy. Enjoy.

On November 2nd, asteroid Vesta starts its retrograde. Because this moves through your sign, this transit will be particularly potent. You can think of Vesta as one shade of your inner spark. It’s an area where you’ll naturally be able to cultivate a lot of dedication, focus and commitment, effortlessly and lovingly – as an extension of yourself. Now moving retrograde through your sign, Vesta invites you on a journey of identifying what it is that means the most to you. What motivates you to get up every morning? What would you dedicate your life to? What means the most? And what do you love the most? As with any retrograde, there will be a learning curve here. So, trust the process Cancer. This could mean losing things that you once thought you cared about, and learning a whole lot more about yourself in the process.

On November 4th Saturn goes direct at the first degree of Pisces, which to you will feel like the brakes are finally being released. This transit is moving through your sector of adventure, and life purpose – so you may start to feel more clarity when it comes to those areas. It is worth remembering that Saturn often shows up as challenges and/or obstacles. Get ready, because you’re going to either dissolve, adapt, overcome or transcend them. Tip: sometimes this can be as simple as understanding why they’re there, and gaining the lesson before it can move on.

On November 10th, Mercury will enter Sagittarius, and with our planet of communication in a sign ruled by Truth, your words will feel more bold, assertive and direct.

Adding to the truth-telling vibes is a New Moon in Scorpio, on November 13th which illuminates your sector of self-expression. The energy of Scorpio (amongst other things), rules fears – and so this New Moon presents a perfect portal for cultivating extra confidence, empowerment and strength when it comes to your own authenticity – through exploring your fears. Where do you hold back your truth Cancer? And why? What are you afraid of?

Major moves are taking place on November 19th, with Pluto shifting into Aquarius (where it will remain up until March 2043). Given the weight that Pluto holds in astrology, this is a huge deal Cancer. First of all, the Planet of Shadow is moving out of your opposite sign. Here, it naturally had an extra destabilizing impact on you, and this new shift will (in so many ways) feel like a huge weight off. Plus, on a broader level the flavor of our collective evolution shifts from Capricorn, into Aquarius for the next two decades. In other words, we’ll be adjusting and evolving alongside Aquarian themes like societal revolution, technological innovation, community orientation and so on. If Pluto in Capricorn was about dismantling disconnected patriarchal systems, revealing the exploitation of governments, and presenting global consequences of material greed on broader and individual levels… Well, mission accomplished. Pluto Aquarius will bring us new ways to address, innovate and resolve some of these issues. It will also bring its own shadow… watch this space.

On November 22nd, we have our first official day of Sagittarius season. Sag energy is extremely helpful for you Cancer. It infuses your soul with clarity, purpose and drive. If you’ve been feeling lethargic or sluggish in your body, this will be a time to get moving again, as it will feel significantly more seamless. It’s also the perfect window to reconnect with your humor, and sense of play.

We wrap up with a Full Moon on November 27th, which takes place in Gemini and activates your sector of spiritual connection. As a result, this can be one of the trippiest Full Moons of the whole year for you. It’ll be the perfect one to stargaze, meditate, pull tarot cards, or have long chats about the existential nature of life. If you’ve been feeling disconnected from yourself or spirit, this will be one of those times where the world begins to tingle with magic again.