Key Themes: Finding support, self-appreciation, noticing the beauty around you

Cancer, for you the month of November will carry a particular flavor of emotional depth and beauty. We’re between eclipses, which do affect you profoundly (dued to your planetary ruler being the moon). Still, with some awareness and grace, these weeks can catalyze some profound healing and self-growth.

On and around November 5th you might be feeling a conflict between your heart and the more practical elements of life, with an opposition between Venus and Uranus. Uranus has been in Taurus for the year, teaching us all about getting outside the box with how we approach the basics: food, work, our homes and resources. The world is definitely shifting, and it’s imperative that you flow alongside (rather than against it). Be mindful of becoming too rigid in regarding your circumstances or accepting discomfort. Anything is possible Cancer, decide to make it happen – and you will.

We have another eclipse with the Full Moon in Taurus on November 8th. As this moon activates your sector of community and social networking, it could be a good time to connect with your tribe (family, friends or community). With tense connections to Saturn, this Full Moon isn’t going to feel all rainbows and sunshine, but there is a message here of allowing yourself to be supported. You don’t have to carry the weight of the world on your own Cancer.

On November 16th Venus enters Sagittarius, and is joined the very next day by Mercury. Cancer, Sagittarian energy works well with your temperament. There’s no denying it has been a long (loooong) year, and this burst of fiery momentum will give you a bit of a boost. This is furthered as we leave the watery scorpionic depths and enter Sag season on November 22. We’re approaching the very last month of the year, why not go out with a bang?

November 23 presents us with a powerful New Moon in Sagittarius, giving us one of the last major seed-sowing energies of the year. Cancer, why not use this night (and days surrounding) to start reflecting on 2022, plus all that you’d like to call in for 2023? December tends to be a bit of a blur, so some conscious visualization and manifestation efforts here could go a long way. As well as focusing on what you’d like to invite in, take a moment to honor your journey so far. Look at where and how you’ve grown, what’s changed for you – and what you’re most proud of. Celebrate yourself dear Cancer, you deserve that and more.

Plus, with Jupiter ending its retrograde and going direct in Pisces (November 23rd), it will feel like there’s something to celebrate. This kind of planetary vibe evokes magic, clarity and connection to the bigger picture. If you have been feeling a little ‘off,’ or disconnected, this will change right about now. Take time for yourself and slow life down where possible. It’s finding beauty in those little candid moments that will be most healing here.