Key Themes: New beginnings, emotional safe space, a pause, honoring yourself

Cancer, it’s still your season for the bulk of this month meaning the solar spotlight is on you. June carried some intense energy, but July asks you to pause and slow it down – turning your gaze inward, and towards honoring yourself.

The idea of following your own natural pace arises with Mars (the planet of action) entering earthy Taurus on July 5th. Here, we’re reminded that faster, bigger or higher – is not necessarily better. When we’re working towards building the life of our dreams, it’s important that each brick fits right.

Mercury entering your sign on the same day (July 5th), will have you feeling a little more empathic, and this is a gift. Here, the universe is reminding you that your emotionally intelligent nature can be used in such magical ways – particularly if you protect yourself from overwhelm.

Sometimes a sensitivity to dynamics, people and places can direct us towards making the right choices for ourselves. Listen to your heart, and you’ll know what’s ready to be shed before you really get into the next solar cycle of your journey.

The Full Moon on July 13th, takes place in your opposite sign – and for you carries a theme of pragmatism balanced with inner truth. You’re learning how to honor both your need for emotional safety and loving dynamics, as well as your desire to grow your abundance and sense of security in the world. The two ideas are not mutually exclusive, and this moon may be the time to reflect on ways that you can create your dream life.

July 17th and the days surrounding may feel like a heart-activation, as Venus (planet of love and beauty) enters your sign. This transit tends to heighten beauty and slow things down, you’ll notice rest feels even better – as will nurturing spaces. This could be a good time for some solitude, a tech detox, or spending time in deep presence with loved ones.

July 22nd sees the sun shift out of your sign and into Leo, initiating the next chapter of your solar return. What this may look like is some boundary work, as you start working on establishing where you feel honored, seen and valued – and where you’re being taken for granted. Juno retrograde in Pisces (on July 25th) shines the spotlight of examination on our intimate relationships – and an ongoing Chiron retrograde (through Aries), furthers this invitation of finding your sovereignty.

A Leo New Moon on July 28th will be the time to get creative, to connect with your inner child and bring back lightness and play. Here, the universe reminds you of your inherent power and worth. Cancer, you’re ready for your bright and shiny future.