Key themes: a fresh chapter, honoring emotion, romance and self-love, your work in the world, visualization and dreams

Cancer, if life feels a little different, you’re probably onto something. First, you’re in the first month and new chapter of your solar cycle. The blank slate energy is real.

Secondly, we’ve just come out the other end of a huge cosmic shift, which saw the moon’s nodes switching polarities, after 18 months. The North Node is officially out of Taurus, and into Aries – while the South Node has left Scorpio, for Libra. The lunar nodes tend to set the tone for our personal and collective journeys, so that feeling that the flavor of life has changed, is accurate! From now through to January of 2025, you’ll be on (and witnessing in others) a journey of balancing yourSelf, and relationships.

But back to the now! August kicks off with an Aquarius Full Moon (on August 1st), which activates your sector of transformation and deep healing. For this reason, this could be one of the most potent Full Moons of the year Cancer, and one worth carving out space for. It’ll be a powerful time for journaling, reflecting and releasing any denser emotions which have been sitting with you. If you need a good cry, throw on a good playlist and go for it. Grief is a powerful, alchemical process Cancer – and one you can honor. This too is a form of self-love.

On August 9th harmonious and practical vibes flow through with Mercury connecting harmoniously with Jupiter. You might feel this as a spark of inspiration, clarity or momentum. Mercury in Virgo is all about fine tuning the details in the present; but as it converses with Jupiter – you may just catch a glimpse of your unique path forward, and a glittering future.

Juno entering Leo on August 15th might just have you feeling ready for open adoration Cancer. With the asteroid of partnerships in the sign of romance, don’t be surprised if you start feeling more naturally confident and assertive. If you’ve had a crush, it may be the time to shoot your shot!

And confidence is what it’s all about, with our New Moon in Leo the very next day (August 16th). This is a time for celebrating yourself in your totality; your “flaws,” gifts, quirks, and the journey you’ve traversed. Leo energy reminds us all to quieten down the inner critic; that treating yourself with love, will allow you to be your best self – and to live your best life.

Virgo season beginning (August 23rd) on the same day that Mercury stations retrograde in Virgo, brings a more focused tone to the month. While Leo season reminds us that life is a celebration, Virgo adds that we do have a responsibility to bring our personal best to the table. Whether that’s mastery of a skill, consistency, helpfulness, kindness– this transit (and accompanying retrograde) invites you to honor your “work” in the world. At the same time as being individuals, we’re all a community: who we are, is just as important as what we bring to each other.

We wrap up the month with a Pisces Full Moon on August 30th, activating your sector of life purpose and meaning. This will be a time to ask the big, existential questions Cancer. How aligned do you feel with your dreams? Are you on track with your visions? Full Moons invite us to release all that holds us back from our highest timelines… and you’re ready for even more.