Key Themes: The company you keep, emotional processing and guilt, falling in love with yourself and your inner world, new goals

Cancer, April is going to be one of those months where you’re invited to make the healthiest and most self-loving choices that you can. This will mean in terms of relationship dynamics, what (and who) you’re surrounding yourself with, as well as how you’re honoring your own inner world. Get ready, because this month has the potential to revolutionize, heal and radically transform your life. And the good news is – the universe supports you in all of the above.

The month kicks off with Mercury (planet of communication) entering Taurus on April 3rd. This activates your sector of community and networking, so you might notice an increase in conversations, new friends, or past acquaintances reaching out. With Mercury here, you’ll likely notice yourself asserting yourself more directly. Padding conversation with unnecessary floweriness will seem like a chore… which might actually lead to a healthy shift relative to personal empowerment. If you stopped worrying about how you would be perceived, or the feelings of others, what thoughts and opinions would you share more freely? You’re invited to test run this idea for a few weeks.

A few days later (April 6th), we have a full moon in Libra, activating your sector of emotional processing and healing. Because Libra rules relationships, and your month is flavored with a theme of connection – this will be a good one to focus on releasing any grief, resentment, anxiousness or overthinking – relative to your relationships. Is it time for that ex to leave your thoughts for good? There’s a specific message here for you regarding guilt. Tune into your body to feel where it sits, and why. Perhaps you have others actively blaming you for past actions, or maybe it’s something you’ve put on yourself. Regardless, you’re being invited to trust that everything has unfolded for a reason, including that which you might regret. Even if you can’t see the full circle picture yet – simple awareness of the fact, can become a portal for self-forgiveness.

On April 11th, the planet of love and beauty (Venus) enters Gemini and activates your sector of spiritual connection. This transit will be one that invites you to fall (further) in love with yourself, your unique flavor of magic, and your inner world. You might notice more of a desire to spend time in solitude and self-loving ritual. If so, honor this. Loving yourself and appreciating your own company, is the perfect recipe for magnetizing others who love you too.

On April 20th, the lunar cycle shifts you in a different direction with a New Moon total Solar Eclipse, in Aries. Because this activates your sector of manifestation, career and goal setting – you may notice life (and your desires) taking a more practical turn than usual. Not only will it be the perfect time to write down new goals, visualize and clear – it’ll also be a great window to clean up any life admin you’ve been procrastinating. Clearing weighted energy in this way will help your manifestation momentum through this next six-month cycle. You’ve got this Cancer.