Your time has come, Aries! A revolutionary full moon in your sign takes place this week, October 20th. You’ve probably already felt its influence as early as last week, and it’ll grow in intensity until it reaches its peak on Wednesday. Prepare to receive much more attention than usual, in all aspects of your life. But ultimately, you only owe yourself your undivided attention, and if you feel like being more selfish and less responsive this week, that’s absolutely understandable. With Mercury ending its retrograde this week in Libra, and Jupiter, the Planet of Expansion, also shifting direct in Aquarius, you may feel like you’ve reached a turning point in your relationships and friendships, where you no longer tolerate wishy-washy behavior from yourself, or from others. Instead of cutting people off or making impulsive decisions, be an observer of how other people react and respond, and then once Scorpio Season starts this Saturday the 23rd, your sector of depth and intimacy will be activated, and you’ll be able to more confidently state your needs and establish your boundaries. Go, Aries, go Aries, go!