Key Themes: Choices, healing relationships, decision making, spiritual connection

Aries, September has the potential to significantly change the trajectory of your life. On the 5th, we see Venus entering the sign of Virgo. As well as ruling love and beauty, Venus also reflects our value systems and quality of life. As it enters earthy Virgo, there’s a theme of ‘refinement’ that comes up for the month. This will be a time where you begin noticing what aspects of your life uplift you, and which ones do the opposite.

With the Sun in Virgo until September 22, there will generally be strong lessons around the theme of discernment: of always making the best and highest choices for yourself, at all times.
This is the month for letting go of anything less than what you deserve. Aries, this could look like less mindless scrolling and more meditating, less alcohol and more water – and so on.
Tip: make healthy choices now, so you’re not forced to, later on!

September 6th is going to again bring out the necessity of better decision making, with the Lunar North Node in Taurus coming into a tension with Chiron in your sign. Chiron is all about our deepest wounds, and the North Node in Taurus reflects the path towards your future life. Aries, you could feel this planetary signature as sadness, overwhelm or frustration. Around this time, it’s important to be extra gentle with yourself. Rather than trying to distract yourself from the issues and feelings of ‘stagnancy’ in your life – sit with them and feel them. Then from there, reflect on what you do have the power to change.

September 9th marks the beginning of Mercury retrograde in your opposite sign of Libra. Retrogrades always mark a time of re-evaluating areas of our lives. For you Aries this retrograde highlights your sector of relationships. With the overarching theme of Choices this month, you’re being invited to assess who you’re spending time and energy on.
Have you found a healthy balance between giving and receiving? Are your intimacy needs being met? This retrograde is going to bring all kinds of epiphanies on these fronts, so stay tuned.

This month’s full Moon in Pisces on September 10th is going to bring back an influx of magic and spiritual connection to your life Aries. While there’s a lot going on in your spheres of practicality and 3-dimensional matters, this Moon is going to evoke a sense of balance – by activating your sector of spiritual meaning. This will be a powerful time to tune into the truth of your inner world; spend time in self-reflection, journaling, or meditation. Pay close attention to your own intuitive guidance. You also might be feeling more sensitive to the energy of others around this time, so be mindful of making plans.

Besides, the month takes a significantly more social turn with Libra Season beginning on September 22nd, and a Libra New Moon on 25th. Aries, with your sector of relationships and socializing activated, you’ll be feeling more inclined towards reaching out to others. If you’ve been out of the dating world for a while, this might be your ticket back in. Regardless, this moon’s vibes bring about a sense of playfulness to the week. Enjoy!