Key Themes: Self-transformation, underlying dynamics, adventure, finding meaning

Aries, Scorpio season is notoriously known for being intense, but with some extra awareness you’ll find November to be one of the most expansive and transformative months of the year. It will also be one of the deepest!

On November 8th we have another Eclipse with the Full Moon in Taurus. This potent energy connects to the journey which began with the last eclipse and New Moon in Scorpio. You’ll be looking at themes of health, truth and self-growth. This will be a powerful time to pay close attention to the psychosomatic (or mind-body) connection. It’s no secret that heavy emotions can manifest as density in the body, and practices like yoga and exercise can be helpful for getting everything flowing healthily again. Remember the saying ‘your body is a temple?’ This is your mantra for this eclipse Aries.

With the Sun in Scorpio for most of the month (up until Nov 22nd), there will be a magnifying glass on your inner world, processes and psyche. More than that, you’ll be noticing extra dynamics and layers within relationships and the world around you. People may be saying one thing, while they mean another. Frenemies can become glaringly obvious in Scorpio season, and as uncomfortable as this can be – see it as a gift. Aries, the truth will always prevail, and the sharper your antennas are for it, the quicker you can get there.

Venus enters fiery Sagittarius on November 16th, followed shortly after by Mercury (November 17th). This energy is going to feel so comforting for you as a fellow fire sign Aries. We’ve had some pretty watery vibes going on, with Scorpio season and Jupiter heading back into Pisces. Veils have been thinned, and emotions right up there at the surface. Yet, this Sagittarian energy is going to warm everything up. You’ll likely feel this as a renewed sense of physical energy, momentum and excitement towards life.

The above themes will be furthered with the sun entering Sagittarius on November 22. This transit activates your sector of adventure, life purpose and meaning. If there was a time to make travel plans, it would be now. The Sagittarius New Moon the very next day (Nov 23) provides the perfect time to dream, plan and visualize your next steps. The sky’s the limit with this kind of New Moon, which is generally one of the most magical of the year.

The flavors of synchronicity and ease that come with this month’s New Moon are going to be deepened by Jupiter going direct in the sign of ethereal Pisces (November 23rd). Pisces, amongst other things – reflects concepts of existentialism and spiritual connection. If you tap into the energy of this auspicious day, you’ll likely be able to feel a deep sense of surrender, comfort and the sensation of being truly carried by the universe. November can be one of the most magical months of this year Aries. With only two more to go, make it count!