Key Themes: Adventure, soul expansion, balancing yin and yang, balancing of inner and outer worlds.

Aries, get ready. The puzzle pieces of your life continue to come together this month, as a wide range of planetary dynamics illuminate its many facets.

On June 3rd you may receive some moments of clarity and a sense of closure, as Mercury wraps up its retrograde – stationing Direct in the sign of Taurus. Because this retrograde moved through two zodiac signs, you may notice a sense of relief and balance being brought back into your realms of body and mind. Be sure to honor this; pay attention to what media and conversations you’re consuming, as well as which types of food and nutrients!

While the above will bring a deeper sense of peace – you’re not guaranteed for entirely smooth sailing just yet! Saturn (the planet of structures, authority, career) begins its retrograde the very next day in the rebellious sign of the innovator: Aquarius.

This retrograde will be stirring things up on a societal level. It’s where we’ll notice cracks in the foundations of our governments, leaders and authority figures – or at least where there’s potential room for improvements.

The sign of Aquarius is all above change, innovation and breaking the status quo. Given that your sign reflects the spiritual warrior Aries – you may start feeling more inclined to step in, and raise your voice to stand up for either yourself, or the underdogs. This retrograde will move through your sector of community – so there may be a period of readjustment or some surprising shifts regarding your place, and work in the world.

Midway through the month (June 14th), a powerful full moon in Sagittarius will have you connecting to a sense of adventure, movement and broadening into new horizons. This will be the perfect opportunity to break up any stagnancy in your life and to take the steps required to create a life where you can live and enjoy each day to its fullest. Remember, you deserve this!

The Sun shifting into Cancer on June 21st will serve as a reminder that as much movement and adventure as your soul requires, it also needs gentleness, introspection, and emotional safety. This transit can evoke a self-reflective four weeks and time of inward focus – but you may find yourself balancing this with a natural pull towards relationships as Venus enters the social sign of Gemini on June 22, remaining there until July 17th.

Aries, it’s worth paying particular attention to the dynamics that unfold on Jun 25, where Jupiter in your sign forms a tension with the Lunar North Node. This signature can reflect what currently holds you back from fully expanding as a soul, and stepping into your ultimate life purpose. Pay close attention to any triggers, events, synchronicities, or conversations that in any way result in you feeling ‘stuck.’ Diving in and understanding this energy, can bring you clarity of intention that you can then carry into the Cancer New Moon on June 28th . This will be a time of seed sowing, and manifestation potential – and because the moon is in her home sign, it’ll be particularly potent.