Key Themes: Slowing down, nurturing your inner world, self-reflection

Aries, with your planetary ruler (Mars) leaving your sign to enter Taurus, the month’s theme of ‘slowing down’ will be immediately felt.

This slowing down is compounded by an inward shift, as Mercury enters the watery sign of Cancer. Here, your emotions might start to feel more heightened or present than usual.

Because Mercury rules communication as well as mental processing, you’re invited into a place of emotional authenticity. If it feels aligned: share and connect with others, about what’s going on in your inner world. Remember – feeling emotional does not indicate anything other than the fact that you’re connected to yourself!

Around and on July 13th, you might notice the theme of emotions versus practical logic further arising, with a Full Moon in Capricorn. Here, a Capricorn Moon and Cancer Sun oppose each  other – highlighting a need for balance between the two. This Full Moon will be a good time to reflect on how you can take practical steps towards building the life of your dreams… all the while honoring your emotional needs.

On July 19th, your needs may become a little more outwardly-oriented, as Mercury enters the fiery sign of Leo. This transit, as well as Leo season (which begins on the 22nd) invites you back into center-stage. You’ll likely start feeling more expressive and inspired. The sky’s the limit with the Sun in its home sign!

Yet, it’s not all sunshine and rainbows. Neptune is still retrograde, and on July 19th Chiron – the asteroid of our deepest wounding begins its retrograde through your sign. Aries, have you ever felt like there’s an ongoing sore spot in your life? That would be Chiron energy.

This asteroid plays a unique role in our lives and astrological journeys. As we understand this energy, we move closer towards self-love and acceptance. This Chiron retrograde (particularly as it’s through your sign), will be a time to pay close attention to your trigger points Aries. You might start remembering experiences where you’ve been hurt, so make space for that. Be gentle with yourself – this is Step One on any path to healing.

July 25th brings another retrograde, as the partnership asteroid Juno starts to turn our relationships on their heads. Don’t be alarmed: this will simply be a time to notice any relationship imbalances between giving and receiving – as well as sovereignty versus togetherness. It’ll be a good time to have some important conversations, to set boundaries and get clear on whether you and your intimate connections are on the same page.The theme of boundary setting to honor oneself – fits nicely with the Leo New Moon on July 28th. This New Moon is all about celebrating yourself Aries; celebrating your journey here and the life you’ve created.