Key Themes: Clarity, communication, self-empowerment, overcoming self-limitation

What a year, Aries.

December offers you a powerful chance to take all your growth and lessons of the year – and channel them directly into new seeds, tangible goals, actions and steps so that the next twelve months are even richer. With focus, awareness and intention – you’ll be able to make incredible moves this month.

The month kicks off with Neptune going direct in its home sign (Pisces) on December 3rd. For you, this activates your sector of spiritual connection, gifting you with a sense of clarity and perhaps even some loud divine intervention.

Perfect timing, as just a few days later Mercury enters the go-getter sign that is Capricorn on December 6th. This will add a layer of clarity, assertiveness and focus to your thoughts and communication style. It will be an excellent time to discuss, negotiate or commence new plans and projects.

The very next day a Full Moon in Gemini will be illuminating your sector of communication as well. All of the above is a strong prompt from the universe to speak up. If there’s anything that needs to be expressed from new ideas, your needs or expectations – now is the time.

As the first sign of the Zodiac, you do have a tendency to be a bit of a lone wolf at times Aries – but there is a reminder this month that you can’t always do it alone. Sometimes collaboration is simply a way of speeding up the process of manifestation.

On December 20th, Jupiter, otherwise known as the planet of abundance, luck, synchronicity and expansion – is entering your powerful sign. This is as good as it sounds, and you might just feel like you’re receiving a hug from the universe.

Because Jupiter is also direct, you may notice an increase in lucky breaks and opportunities. If this is the case, of course use your discernment, but stay open to the idea of radical changes. It might just be what’s needed!

Plus, Capricorn season beginning the next day (Dec 21st) reminds you that you can achieve anything that you set your mind to.

This sense of empowerment will be heightened on December 23rd when Chiron, the asteroid of our deepest wounding, ends its retrograde in your sign. This huge energy has the potential to alleviate self-inflicted limitations and sore spots. If you tap into it, by learning about your Chiron placement (by house and sign), this may just be a time of deep catharsis and emotional release. Because it’s in your sign this is particularly strong for you Aries. So, notice what’s been hurting and spend time in self-reflection. Here, you may just receive the solace that you’ve been seeking.

(Tip: KTZ does offer a wonderful Chiron guide, written by yours truly.)

A Capricorn new moon the very same day will ground the feeling that anything is possible for you Aries. You’ll always have hiccups and challenges (Mercury Retrograde begins Dec 29th) because such is life… but you always have the potential to rise and soar above them.

Thank you for being with us this year Aries, and see you on the other side.