Key Themes: Self-reflection, thinking before acting, shifting global landscapes, love

Aries, with Jupiter and Chiron retrograde in your sign… the month of August may not have the same fiery flare of momentum that’s been consistent within other years. This doesn’t have to be a bad thing by any means – and the month will still likely carry a sense of reassuring warmth.

We’ve just had a major collective conjunction where your planetary ruler (Mars) met with Uranus on the lunar north node. This meeting created quite a portal of evolution – that will last for the first few weeks of August. It evoked an energy of letting go of the past, South Node energies. That means any restrictions, limitations, or beliefs that have been holding you back… as well as stepping into new, expansive and innovative ways of improving your overall quality of life.

Aries, the slower pace of August will actually benefit you in integrating the subtle transformations taking place on an energetic level. It will also be a time for self-reflection, lots of hydration, as well as conscious action. With the key word here being: Conscious. Mercury entering Virgo on August 4th means you’ll naturally be feeling a little more analytical, and weighing up the pros and cons in your decision making process.

The Full Moon in Aquarius on the 11th will cultivate and expand a similar energy… where all of a sudden life feels a little less personal – and like more of a chemical reaction. Aries, the beautiful thing is that you see life through this lens of objectivity every now and then, it can become easier to add and subtract elements in order to create your dream formula. Venus in Leo from the 11th will evoke the typical Leo Season vibes, as well as a feeling of warmth, and celebratory beauty. This could lead to some spontaneous and heart-felt demonstrations, and it could be a time to open your heart up to love and meeting someone new, if you feel so inclined!

Yet when the sun enters Virgo on the 22nd, you’ll be shifting your approach from the wider picture into a much more micro vantage point. There are benefits to this, and it’s kind of perfect timing… because on the 24th, a Uranus retrograde through Taurus will be shaking up realms of finance, resources, and abundance across the world. Stay tuned for any big global shifts around currency, agriculture, and economies, because this is the planetary signature for it. It’s not a time to make any rash decisions, but to rather observe and remain adaptable. As a global collective, we’re shifting landscapes within 2022, and you’ll do well to reflect this in your choices Aries.

The New Moon on the 27th reinforces this idea of waiting, before acting. Gestures don’t need to be grand, impulsive or radical for them to make a difference, or to evoke a change. Rather this month, you’ll be learning the wisdom of tweaking and building your life one tiny detail and brick at a time.