Welcome to 2024 Gemini! You’ll likely notice yourself regaining a sense of “balance.” An appropriately fresh wave of clarity colors this week, with Mercury’s stationing direct in your opposite sign (Sagittarius), on Jan 1st. If you’ve been experiencing any hiccups or confusion in your relationships over the last month,  this will all start to come full circle. Maybe it’s time for some transparent conversations; to be vulnerable by putting yourself out there, or shooting your shot. A Libra Quarter Moon will support you in this, as relationships suddenly feel both more expansive and emotionally nourishing. Speaking of nourishing, Mars enters Capricorn this week, illuminating your sector of deep healing and transformation. This catalyzes a portal to look inwards; to be radically honest with yourself about your dreams, and any fears which may currently be holding you back from them. Mars in Capricorn is particularly pragmatic and stubborn – the perfect reminder that with consistency and focus, you can do it.