Dear Gemini, have fun with it all. This week you’re invited to treat life as an adventure again. Remember the wonder you carried, as a child, around the simplest things? As the sign of the eternal student, this is a massive part of who you are. Connecting with that ceaseless curiosity again will magnetize new opportunities and synchronicities beyond your imagination. On Tuesday, Mars enters Aquarius, meeting Pluto on Wednesday. Venus will follow the same path on Friday, conjoining Pluto on Saturday. All the above will stir up a sense of restlessness, at the same time as expansion. Remember: feeling uncomfortable or restricted, can often mean that you’re circling a breakthrough. Trust the process. This week you might be coming face-to-face with some of your deepest fears – specifically the ones that hold you back from total empowerment. If that’s the case, you can again, use your talents of curiosity to observe and gently move through new experiences. Sometimes simply getting out of your head, and getting started, will be all the momentum you need. Dreamy conversations between Neptune and Venus will color the week with a sense of creative freedom. If it feels aligned, artistic endeavors will be particularly liberating around now.