@KnowLibra Weekly Scope 2.7 – 2.13

Libra, during Taurus’ Waxing Quarter Moon on the 8th, we’ll be halfway between the New and Full Moon. Checkup on what has been growing or rearranging within you regarding your self-expression. How are your spaces of intimacy, vulnerability and sexuality improving through this new found expression? On the 9th, Ceres re-enters Gemini. Support and nourishment through communication and ideas will be very important. Looking back to August and December, what was going on with your belief systems? Experiment with new zones of comfort that are more open and less restrictive. On the 11th, Mercury joins forces with Pluto in your area of home and family. Intense conversations may arise. Stand by your truth without being hurtful. During the wknd, the Moon hangs out in the nurturing sign of Cancer. If you have to work, make sure to have your comfy chair and fav snacks with you.

@KnowLibra Weekly Scope 1.31 – 2.6

Libra, your ruler Venus has just finished it’s retrograde! As a result, you’ll likely be feeling more on track and clear over the next days, enjoy. This is divine timing for you, as we enter the week with a New Moon in Aquarius, conjoining the planet of structure and authority – Saturn. This New Moon therefore brings about the perfect time to set goals and intentions for the next lunar cycle. It’s also a good idea to have them rooted in pragmatism and clear next steps. With Mercury going direct in Capricorn later in the week, the universe further supports you in physical manifestation – in generating the wealth, health and balance that you dream of.

@KnowLibra Weekly Scope 1.24 – 1.30

Libra, welcome to the first full week of Aquarius Season! You’re going to enjoy this change of cosmic energy, because the Sun’s presence in a fellow Air sign helps you release the need to have it all together. You’ll find yourself flowing in between what feels certain and uncertain, with a relative amount of ease and open mindedness. Let yourself flirt, play, innovate, dance, and communicate as weirdly and freely as you desire. But keep in mind that since this is the final week that your ruler Venus is retrograde, in the sign of Capricorn, not everyone will understand what you’re trying to express, or where you’re coming from. And that’s okay. Be okay with not always being understood, Libra. Validate yourself first and foremost.

@KnowLibra Weekly Scope 1.17 – 1.23

Libra, we start the week with the first Full Moon of the year in the sign of Cancer on Monday, highlighting your career. What needs to change within your work life? Let go of the bad habits that get in the way of your productivity. On Tuesday, Uranus stations direct for the next 7 months, and the North Node enters Taurus for the next year and a half. A lot of energy and possibilities will open up within your collaborations. Invest your energy and resources in things that will repay you instead of drain you. Aquarius Season kicks off on Wednesday. A time of the year with a strong focus on your creative fire. Connect with your inner child this month and allow it to have some fun. Mercury, still retrograde, will enter the heart of the Sun on Sunday. Shining a light on your self-expression and how you want to expose it to the world.

@KnowLibra Weekly Scope 1.10 – 1.16

It’s an energetically charged time Skymates! This week, we have Mercury stationing retrograde in Aquarius, where so much of the collective awakening is already unfolding. We’re also in the last week of the lunar nodes sitting in the Gemini-Sag axis. As a result, there’s a ‘boiling up’ of themes regarding ‘truth.’ The world’s lessons over the last eighteen months are drawing to a close – rendering a temporary societal ‘split’ as to whether we’ve evolved with them, or not. Beautiful Libra, the universe reminds you that regardless of the tensions that exist in the world, you’re allowed to have fun – and to keep it light. Funnily enough, these shifting planetary currents provide a space of groundlessness, where you can thrive. Your joy, open-mindedness and adaptability are all things that those around you will benefit from. They’re your healing tools: use them wisely!

@KnowLibra Weekly Scope 1.3 – 1.9

Libra, 2022 will have you pursuing success through balance, moderation and taking good care of your wellbeing. Jupiter will be balancing out the Nodes of the Moon on Monday. There’s something about your work schedule or your health regime that you’re wanting to expand or update. Rebalancing the mundane details of your life can help you tap into what you’re looking for. Mid-week Venus and Neptune will uplift each other. Connect with the ways you’ve been creating a home within yourself. Feel into the resources you have to help you get through tough times. During the weekend, the Sun will join forces with Venus, and shine a light on what needs to go. Bad habits and limiting behaviours, what can you do to go beyond them?