@KnowAries Daily Scope 6.2.21

Venus, the Planet of Love and Magnetism, enters Cancer today, skymates. For the next 8 days, both Venus and Mars will be in this sensitive and intuitive sign, making love, art and healing more of a collective priority. Aries, you may at first feel weirded out by all this emotion that you’re experiencing, but soon you’ll see that this is the clarifying and purifying energy your spirit needs during this eclipse portal. If the tears come these next few weeks, let them come. You’re in the process of clearing out the old to make way for the new, and that can be painful sometimes. Trust your healing journey.

Pluto Retrograde 2020: It’s Time to Transform

written by KTZ astrologer Gala Fractal; graphics by Emily Wills

With three major planets Pluto, Saturn and Jupiter meeting multiple times in the sign of Capricorn, astrologers have long foreseen 2020 as a year of change in social structures. But no one could have predicted this turn of events.

From April 25th to May 15th we’ll be seeing these three planets go retrograde, meaning that the movements they’ve brought about will in some way manifest on more of an internal level. The first planet to retrograde is Pluto, from April 25th to October 4th. This is bound to slow things down so we can dig a little deeper and look below the surface.

Pluto is about regeneration, and it tends to manifest in the form of destruction. This doesn’t mean that Pluto’s bad, on the contrary, it actually seeks to destroy anything and everything that doesn’t have to do with love. But to do so, it needs to uproot the ingrained patterns that have the ability to sway us away from love; away from recognition of self -our true nature- and that of others and the value of the Earth we dwell in; away from the ability to own and honor our power, and to recognize and honor the power of each and every single living being we share our mothership with.

When the energy doesn’t flow through the whole of the system, Pluto sees this as a threat. Too much energy accumulated in one sector and not enough flowing into other sectors is a sign of illness, and therefore a need for purging to occur.

The farther we’ve swayed away from love and flow, the harder the hit. But we’re all in this together. For the first time in all of our lives, every single human being is in this together. This is huge and humbling. When we tap into the humbling side of Pluto, we’ve embarked on the process of regeneration.

The darker side of Pluto has to do with power in the form of control and wealth. We’re seeing the dark and the light battle it out. Things are changing whether we want it or not. But how can we help to make a change in favor of the whole? We can start by deciding how we express Pluto in our lives, with ourselves and with others. We can become more conscious about what we want for the world and how much effort we put into it. Ideas and beliefs only become tangible through our actions.

We’re headed into an inward journey. Retrogrades call for reflection. What would you like to see rebirthed in your life and in the world now?

Aries: March 21 – April 19

What has made your existence into what it is today? Resist the urge to blame others or attribute everything to the past. Recognize the responsibility involved in your actions. Accept what has manifested from your own doing. This is the first step into bringing about real change. Get in touch with the new desires that have the power to launch new evolutionary scenarios.

Pluto Retrograde Mantra for Aries:

I let go of what no longer serves me. I begin to build from deep within a life that’s truly worth living. This is how I tap into my power.

Taurus: April 20 – May 20

Intuition is essential for you to make way for evolution. Design your strategies with the help of your instincts. Throughout this process you’ll most likely be confronted by your philosophical principles and convictions. It’s important that you see into their limitations. Trust your visions and insights, even if they somehow threaten your current perspectives on reality. What we know as reality is rapidly changing. You can change too.

Pluto Retrograde Mantra for Taurus:

I access my intuition. I remain in line with my innate knowledge without letting external voices take over. This is how I tap into my power.

Gemini: May 21 – June 20

Get ready to face inner aspects and dynamics that are stagnant or not oriented towards growth. What things have lost the meaning they used to hold for you? Have any confrontations emerged due to this loss? Limitations are shining a light on where you’re being called to find new ways of relating and defining things. Dare to resign to your comfort zones in order to tap into richer ways of being. 

Pluto Retrograde Mantra for Gemini:

I follow my deepest desires. I don’t deny the fears that emerge. Instead I’m courageous in the face of it. This is how I tap into my power.

Cancer: June 21 – July 22

Your soul’s in dire need of ways of relating that promote evolution. This is a great time to reassess your own essential needs. No one can give you what you want unless you know what that is. You can’t fulfill other’s needs until you learn to fulfill your own. This is a process that can also be done in relationship, it isn’t easier but it could turn out to be more powerful. 

I listen to my needs and values, and to the needs and values of others. I acknowledge their importance. This kind of recognition is what makes life worthwhile. This is how I tap into my power.

Leo: July 22 – August 21

It’s time for purification! Make a practice out of it. Practices that connect body and soul / mind and heart can help you remember that you’re perfect in all your imperfections. Don’t let self-criticism get the best of you. If inner doubts emerge, make the intention to purify those mental and emotional attitudes. Reorient your focus towards making way for new ideas and feelings manifested from the depths of your self-loving nature.

Pluto Retrograde Mantra for Leo:

I let go of limiting mental and emotional structures. The more I purify the more I connect with a state of intense personal vitality. This is how I tap into my power.

Virgo: Aug 22 – Sep 21

Do you know how powerful you become when you take full responsibility for your own reality? This is how you manifest the new creative impulses that want to emerge from the depths of the soul. This moment is all about creation, about your life art, about turning your existence into your greatest masterpiece. How do you bring the depths of your being out to meet the world? How can you express your depths more truthfully?

Pluto Retrograde Mantra for Virgo:

I tap into the new dimensions that are emerging from deep within me. I take responsibility for my own destiny and recreate myself through it. This is how I tap into my power.

Libra: Sep 23 – Oct 22

You’re going through a deep and intense process of having to depend less on external factors and more on yourself. Your foundations are being threatened because you’re being invited to come out of your usual safe places. Trust this process. This is how you tap into a kind of self-empowerment that’s only possible when you’re stripped of the familiar and stable. Copious amounts of self-nurturing are required. So please, go all out!

Pluto Retrograde Mantra for Libra:

I embrace change. I open up to living on a moment to moment basis. I come alive within the unknown. This is how I tap into my power.

Scorpio: Oct 23 – Nov 21

You’re a deep natural analyst, but how much time have you spent analyzing your own intellectual structure? This is a good time to tap into the basis of your opinions. Why do you think what you think? Why do you focus on certain things more than others? Have you ever asked yourself this? This self inquiry can be so healing for you right now. It can open you to newer and more destiny driven ways of thinking.

Pluto Retrograde Mantra for Scorpio:

I reform and deepen my ideas about the nature of reality, so I can experience life in unprecedented ways that usher in transformation. This is how I tap into my power.

Sagittarius: Nov 22 – Dec 21

Intense self-examination is called for. How did your fundamental values come to be? How do you relate with possessions and finances? How do you relate with yourself -your inner nature- and consequently with others? New resources are wanting to emerge from deep within. Reflecting on the answers to these questions can open you up to newer more aligned ways of living in your body and in the world.

Pluto Retrograde Mantra for Sagittarius:

Internal and external limitations push me towards greater self-development. I trust myself. I am whole and I connect with this sense of wholeness whenever need be. This is how I tap into my power.

Capricorn: Dec 21 – Jan 20

Use this time to examine what things are preventing your growth in all aspects of life. Even if you don’t feel strong enough to do so, I urge you to begin to take the necessary steps to overcome limitations. Don’t resist necessary changes. Being surrounded by the unknown can make you anxious about moving forward. But the only way to discover what lies ahead is by blindly trusting and following your instinctive impulses. 

Pluto Retrograde Mantra for Capricorn:

I take one step towards my growth and empowerment, no matter how giant or minute, and keep going on from there without ever looking back. This is how I tap into my power.

Aquarius: Jan 20 – Feb 18

You’re likely to experience increased dream activity during this period. This release of unconscious contents produces the kind of psychic cleansing that can give way to a new evolutionary cycle and a direct connection to source. Bring your dreams into your waking-life by writing them down, painting them, dancing the feelings they evoke, turning their messages into mantras. By recording them day-by-day, you can begin to make sense of them as a whole.

Pluto Retrograde Mantra for Aquarius:

I surrender and come into relationship with the source of creation. If confusion takes over, I seek alignment by breathing deeply into the emotions that emerge. This is how I tap into my power.

Pisces: Feb 19 – March 20

Your relationships are so important right now. They have the power to thrust your forward or hold you back. Your soul wants to connect with those that can enhance your evolution and accelerate your growth. Take a look at the relationships where you feel your innovative spirit held hostage. Seek or create spaces where you can express your authenticity and explore potentially radical new ideas and impulses.

Pluto Retrograde Mantra for Pisces:

I liberate myself from past conditionings. I explore new and extreme ways of being. I don’t hold my creativity back one bit. This is how I tap into my power.

We hope this article can help you tap into your gifts of transformation during this retrograde. Spread the love and share with your fellow skymates who may need some motivation. One of the best ways to better know yourself and the depths of wisdom that exist within you is to get a personalized, in-depth Birth Chart Reading. We’re offering 20% off yours when you use the code “awaken” at check-out. You’ll receive your reading within 10 business days as a PDF sent to your inbox. A sustainable, life-long investment in your awakening, knowledge of self, and healing. Enjoy!

How The Signs Can Ignite Their Inner Revolutionary

written by KTZ astrologer Deria; artwork by KTZ astrologer Emily Wills

With a global pandemic putting many of the world’s economies on pause, major cities on lockdown, and medical facilities at capacity, there is no denying that 2020 is set to be a year of great change.

COVID-19’s quick and widespread movement has shocked government leaders and public health experts alike but many astrologers have been warning us that this year would be instrumental in accelerating the crumbling of outdated structures and systems that have controlled the world order for centuries.  Our KTZ podcast on the 2020 Ascension touched base on such themes, for example.

At the start of the year, there was a huge bunching of outer and inner planets in the sign of Capricorn which symbolizes the tradition and material habits of our ancestors and is often associated with the father. Pluto, the planet of death and rebirth, has been transiting Capricorn since 2008 and will remain there until 2024. The emphasis of Saturn and Jupiter joining this slow-moving planet in January signifies some impetus to the long and arduous fall of white-supremacist capitalism and cisheteronormative patriarchy.

Revolution is not a one time instance, rather it is a series of overlapping generational arches and stretches of time made up of many actors and events. In the words of Aquarian science fiction author, Octavia Butler, the only constant is change. But with the shift of planets the rate of that change can be expedited or drastically prolonged. 

“We are living in strange times” is a popular phrase we have been hearing as of late and no one knows strange like the rebellious, swift-thinking sign Aquarius. On March 22nd, Saturn the Planet of Structure and Discipline moved into Aquarius and earlier this week was joined by Mars, the planet of drive and ambition. The sun in the impulsive house of Aries adds emphasis to this conjunction, suggesting that the rate at which we see our lives change will be as rapid as fire spreading through a wild forest. 

Aquarius is group-oriented, technological savvy, and future-bound. Saturn and Mars conjunct in this air sign fans the flames by demanding us all to act quickly and innovatively in the interest of the collective. And so far we have picked up the call. We are organizing mass strikes, online jam sessions and learning spaces, encouraging one another to #stayhome, creating beautiful art together, and redistributing funds to the most vulnerable through mutual aid projects. 

There will be no waiting. Saturn will be in Aquarius for three months before moving back into Capricorn until December of this year. This time can be astrologically described as an opening and a glimpse at how each of us can take part in shifting our world from a profit-driven resource hoarding society to a more love-organized, life-valuing, egalitarian one. 

Below is a brief guide for each sign to tap into their inner revolution with tips on organizing areas to take an action in, where to start their political education journey, and revolutionaries that share their sun sign. The future is now, skymates.

Aries: The Disruptor 

Aries, we need your warrior spirit and more than likely you have already begun to take action without hesitation. You are a passionate and energized community member who is not afraid to stand on the frontlines of strikes and protests because you are not afraid to speak out against your company’s maltreatment. You will take the risk when you find a fight worthy of your fire. You may be the first person to ask neighbors if they need support with groceries and organizing rapid response kits. To channel this energy, look to your creative and galvanizing power. You cannot lead alone so trust others to hold and support you. Make the call and the right people will come running. 

Aries Revolutionaries: Walter Rodney, Bayard Rustin 

Political Education: Self-defense, Organizing a strike, Preparing response kits

Taurus: The Stabilizer

Taurus, how many times have you texted your group chat “we will get through this <3.” You are the community member who holds a calm for your community because you are grounded in the earthly knowledge that we have all we need to get through. Abundance is your middle name. To ignite your inner revolutionary it would be helpful to share your steadfast beliefs and your unwavering commitments with your loved ones. You model for your community the importance of holding onto the good things, the urgency of prioritizing self. Rest is revolutionary. Joy is revolutionary. Listen to your body and let it be your guide. The future will be luxurious cause there is more than enough to go around.

Taurus Revolutionaries: Malcolm X, Grace Jones, Lorraine Hansberry, Kathleen Cleaver 

Political Education: Herbalism, medical industrial complex, food justice, burnout culture 

Gemini: The Communicator

The revolution is humorous, or as bell hooks says “We cannot have a meaningful revolution without humor.” In a time where we can easily sink into despair and dread, we need your wit and light to remind us of the absurdity of it all, Gemini. Laughter is your medicinal power in addition to your knack for disseminating useful information. Your supreme communication skills and effortless charm will prove to be indelible to connecting your community members to the right resources including other community members. You can really ignite your inner revolutionary by digging deep into your heart to discover your guiding truth. It is that truth that will help you commit to the work with verve.

Gemini Revolutionaries: Che Guvera, Kendrick Lamar, Tupac, Erica Garner, Eric Hobsbawm 

Political Education: Pod Mapping, Pan-Africanism, political comedians 

Cancer: The Healer

The revolution will be loving. Cancer, you have probably made tons of phone calls and sent millions of texts to your loved ones checking in on them to make sure they have everything they need to survive the pandemic. Like the Cancerian revolutionary, Assata Shakur who volunteered her time with the Black Panther breakfast program, it is important to you that your community is fed. Picking up groceries for the elderly, leaving food packs for the homeless, or organizing food drives for queer and trans folks is just a few ways you can be found supporting the most vulnerable. You can intuit our most basic needs and demand reciprocal systems of care from all. To really ignite your inner revolutionary, make a habit of doing personal capacity check-ins to ensure you are pouring from a full cup and not exploiting yourself to tend to others. 

Cancer Revolutionaries: Franz Fanon, Assata Shakur, Sylvia Rivera, Nelson Mandela 

Political Education: Community care, inner-child healing, Black Panther Free Breakfast Program

Leo: The Actor

Leo, your big heart beats for the collective good and it is your mighty presence that will see us into radical healing and transformation. With your lyrical speeches, commanding poetry, and boisterous chants, you will be at the core of this movement inspiring each of us to take up the mic ourselves and lead our communities to new horizons of love and generosity. To ignite your inner revolutionary, it is important that you get playful and listen to the younger you who is not the least bit amused by outdated top-down styles of leading but rather is supported by a circular, egalitarian approach. Power is most useful when shared, when we join hands and fight together.

Leo Revolutionaries: John Africa, Fidel Castro, Marielle Franco  

Political Education: decentralization, horizontal leadership, Black feminist theory 

Virgo: The Organizer

Virgo, you are the community member that knows that if we do not show up for one another no one else will, especially not the state. So you show up in service with diligence and a clear sense of duty, often doing the tasks that no one else cares to pick up, but the menial thrills you. You do these tasks like organizing all membership information, sending out info emails, or making phone calls with reverence and without asking. You love digging into the details of a fundraising or outreach strategy to ensure that your goals are met effectively. To ignite your inner revolutionary, centers humanity instead of profit. There is no room for hard work that continues to hold up crumbling empires. Look around you and see the wild vision of love that is coming into form around you.

Virgo Revolutionaries: Kwame Nkrumah, Marsha P. Johnson, Paulo Friere, Sonia Sanchez 

Political Education: Socialism, Interdependence, radical forgiveness 

Libra: The Harmonizer 

Libra, symbolized by the scales of justice, you believe deeply in harmony and balance.The question of restoration is at the center of your motivations as a revolutionary. One of your greatest tools will be your knack for hosting and love of art and culture. Hosting a fundraising party or DJing an online kickback for your comrades is just a couple ways you will use your artisan skills to affect change. Venus ruled, your aptitude for romance and ability to weigh all the options would make you a great mediator. To ignite your inner revolutionary, commit to being fair to your comrades instead of liked and praised by everyone. This will help you stay true to yourself and the fight for an equitable world.

Libra Revolutionaries: bell hooks, Nat Turner, Fannie Lou Hamer, Winnie Mandela   

Political Education: restorative justice, accountability processes, relationship anarchy 

Scorpio: The Transformer

Scorpio, your revolutionary superpower is your desire and capacity to go to ends that many others will not face. You are not afraid of the dark, of death, because you are intently aware that what lies on the other side of those depths is a beautiful future we all deserve. This makes you a powerful healer that is keen on the wounds and traumas that many of your comrades are holding. This also makes you a great facilitator as you can hold, move, and transform multiple energies in the room. To ignite your inner revolutionary, you must learn to trust your comrades and allow them to go through their own process of healing. We all confront change differently, but one must choose their ascension.  

Scorpio Revolutionaries: Nawal El Saadawi, Bobby Seale, Barbra Smith 

Political Education: healthy detachment, abolition movements, healing justice 

Sagittarius: The Story-Teller

You are the political educator we all need. The professor who is just as deeply committed to teaching as they are learning. You can often be seen traveling from space to space sharing your wisdom and stories which effortlessly weave together universal lessons of humanity, fear loss, triumph, and love. To ignite your inner revolutionary it is important for you to ground your lessons in accessible language that can be digested by the masses. Think of fun and engaging ways that you can impart this information whether it be through a card game or a tik-tok. Your undying optimism is going to see us through these times of dread and your wild stories of adventure will remind us to keep our eyes up ahead.

Sagittarius Revolutionaries: Thomas Sankara, Shirley Chisolm, Ella Baker 

Political Education: pedagogy of the oppressed, global capitalism, indigenous languages 

Capricorn: The Builder 

Capricorn, we need your determination and get it done attitude. Unlike Leo who is at the front of the show, you are the leader that takes a more behind the scenes approach to movement work. You are a skilled strategist who can foresee the systems needed to ensure a nationwide bailout is successful. Your excellent management skills and solution-oriented nature position you as a foundation builder. Without a sturdy foundation, the movement could be wiped out with swiftness. You work to make your ancestors proud honoring their legacy by integrating their traditions into the rituals and habits of your community. To ignite your inner revolutionary, you must remember that emotions are a valid source of information in system building. If your comrades are overwhelmed, anxious, or defeated they are less likely to show up to organizing meetings or go out and do an action.

Capricorn Revolutionaries: Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Michelle Obama, C.L.R. James, Afeni Shakur, Muhammad Ali 

Political Education: Disability justice, emergent strategy, care labor  

Aquarius: The Awakener

Aquarius, you were born for revolution. During this time you may have been putting together theories and presenting cool evidence charts to prove to your community that capitalism has and will always fail us. And while making your claims against the state you are working diligently with your comrades to imagine and build a new future. Your strong point in this time will be facilitating group conversations, leading online design projects, and offering vision prompts. To ignite your inner revolutionary you must make your fast thinking/processing accessible to the people. To do this be honest and vulnerable about the many feelings of fear, compassion, and hope you hold which are motivating you towards a more equitable future.

Aquarius Revolutionaries: Angela Davis, Audre Lorde, Huey P. Newton, Bob Marley 

Political Education: Afro-futurism, Race & gender bias in artificial intelligence, queer theory 

Pisces: The Dreamer

Pisces, we need your idealism. You are the dreamers of the zodiac who believe deeply in the grandest visions of love. You are the artisans who preach through song, through dance, through visuals. You spread the hope of love to everyone you meet and those who witness your creations. You art heals us all. You remind us to drop the logical and lean into the deep unknown but widely felt and shared experience. You want to hold hands and chant with your comrades because you know the power of touch. You want to do sing-alongs because you know the power of harmonizing. You say the prayer and offering, you sage the space, you call on all spirit guides and angels to protect the movement. You connect us to our life source. To ignite your inner revolutionary, lean on your comrades for support with the details, allow them to help you put your dream into practice. 

Pisces Revolutionaries: Rihanna, W.E.B. Du Bois, Miriam Makeba, Nina Simone, Claudia Jones, Myrlie Evers–Williams

Political Education: pleasure activism, communal living, Black anarchism

We hope this guide can help you ignite your inner revolutionary. Spread the love and share with your fellow skymates who may need some motivation. One of the best ways to better know yourself and what ignites your revolution is to get a personalized, in-depth Birth Chart Reading. We’re offering 20% off yours when you use the code “awaken” at check-out. You’ll receive your reading within 10 business days as a PDF sent to your inbox. A sustainable, life-long investment in your awakening, knowledge of self, and healing. Enjoy!