KnowAries Wknd Scope September 23 – 25, 2022

Aries, on Friday, Mercury retrograde will re-enter Virgo in your area of routines, rituals and wellness practices. This may slow down you day-to-day flow. Your life may suddenly feel out of order, interrupting your ability to get things done in a timely matter. Try not to get too stressed, just make sure to open up a little extra time for each of your chores. Don’t push yourself too hard. The New Moon in Libra is happening on Sunday at 5:54pm EST, giving you the permission to relax within the bonds that you know are there to hold you. Slow down. Stop wanting to prove yourself. You already are. Who are the people in your life that are willing to be there, with you, without expectations? Show them a little love. Recommit to healing the parts of your heart that would otherwise be neglected. Honor the obstacles in your path instead of trying to steer them in the direction you want them to go.

KnowAries Scope September 21 – 22

Bring more passion into your rituals these days, Aries. These are the last couple of days of Virgo Season before the Sun moves into the balancing sign of Libra on Thursday night. For you, this Season is about cultivating those much needed conversations within your intimate relationships. But you may need to have a conversation with yourself first, especially if you feel your personal power is excluded or threatened within your partnerships. How much of this is about you, and how much of it is about them? What can you do to switch up the dynamics towards healthier and more balanced interactions? This isn’t just about romantic connections, it has to do with your besties and your collaborators as well.

KnowAries Scope September 19 – 20

Aries, connect with the healing that occurs when you tend to your emotional needs. The Moon in Cancer is activating the emotional waters of your past, and when it comes into a tense connection to Chiron on Monday, it may shake things up within your home and familial relationships. Don’t give into the dynamics that you know aren’t healthy or that lead nowhere. Tap into the courage to step out of that, and into a more heart centered way of facing these difficulties. On Tuesday, the Moon then comes into a stretching connection with Pluto, and may bring to light things that were hidden deep. Hold space for what comes up. Sometimes choosing to face things, no matter how hard they may be, can empower you. Sometimes choosing not to get too involved is the best way to care for yourself. Choose wisely.

KnowAries Wknd Scope September 16 – 18, 2022

If secrets begin to come out of hiding, don’t ignore them. Facing them is a better way to handle the situation, Aries. On Friday, the Sun will come into a stretching alignment with Neptune, expanding our creative and spiritual nature. Venus then comes into a tense alignment with Mars, increasing sexual and/or competitive tensions. This can create a clash between your work and your communications. On Saturday, we have the Waning Quarter Moon in Gemini in your area of day-to-day rituals. No matter how swamped you are, remember to stop, breathe, and check in with yourself. Drink plenty of water. We start Sunday off with the Moon moving into the nurturing sign of Cancer, bringing some warmth into your home and family life. Spend some quality time, and have comforting conversations with your loved ones.

KnowAries Scope September 14 – 15

Try not to make any impulse buys these days, Aries. The Moon is still in the sensual sign of Taurus on Wednesday, where it will join forces with the North Node. You know that your material possessions don’t dictate your value. But sometimes we all need a little reminder. So if you’re feeling down and lacking, tap into all of your inner resources. Connect with your community. Remember the value of social currency, and the worth inherent in mutual care and in self-recognition. On Thursday afternoon, the Moon shifts into the more fast-paced sign of Gemini, where it will hang out for the next couple of days, bringing more movement and engagement with your immediate environment.

KnowAries Scope September 12 – 13

You’re bubbling with deep truths, Aries. On Monday, the Moon will be hanging out in your fiery sign, where it will join forces with Chiron, the wounded healer. Act on the potential you know you have beyond the social demands you set yourself to. You’re here to open doors so that others can step through. Before the Moon enters the earthy sign of Taurus on Tuesday morning, it will come into a tense alignment to Pluto, exposing our unhealthy patterns, but also offering the potential for positive transformation. For you, it has to do with how you may be overspending more than what you make, and about tapping into the regenerative nature of your resources.