@KnowAries Daily Scope 5.18.21

The Moon hangs out in the passionate sign of Leo and comes into a tense alignment with Saturn and Uranus. Things will be tense today. Cultivate your patience as much as you can and try not to take things too personally. Keep an open heart. You’re undergoing so much healing, Aries. The world is in a place where it’s so hard to feel stable. What will help you feel most secure right now is actually embracing uncertainty. This may seem incoherent, but the more you see life as an unpredictable adventure, the more you’ll be able to ground into your body and your sense of belonging. Make sure that you’re connecting with your creative nature. Don’t create with productive goals in mind. Just connect with the joy of it.

@KnowAries Daily Scope 5.17.21

This will be an intense day with the Sun aligning to Pluto. Go deep into your experiences, you’ll have greater power and influence over your life. Open up to the transformations that want to take place. Aries, the Moon will be in your area of creativity and romance these next couple of days. Try to let loose and have some fun. The Sun and Pluto are inviting you to follow your heart and your impulse when it comes to those new and daring ideas surrounding your professional pursuits and financial stability. You have the power to open any door. The union of Venus and the North Node in your area of communication and exchange can lead to some intimate and destiny driven conversations. Make space for love.

@KnowAries Wknd Scopes 5.15 – 5.16

Aries, this wknd is the perfect time for self-care. The Moon will hangout in the nurturing sign of Cancer, inviting us to tap into our needs and to take good care of ourselves and our loved ones. The transits of the wknd will light a fire on our emotional world helping us tap into empathic action and grounded healing. Aries, try to take things slow these days. Stay home and stay cozy. Connect with the people and the spaces where you can feel safe and held, where you can let go and process your feelings. Let that which wants to come to the surface do so. There may be lots of emotions in the air, but trust that whatever is shaking up your roots is also helping to stabilize things.

@KnowAries Daily Scope 5.14.21

We kick things off today with an uncomfortable alignment between Neptune and the Moon. This is no time to make snap judgements. Be patient when navigating through any confusion. Don’t take things too seriously until they become clear. Open up to your sensitivity, and express empathy towards others and yourself. Aries, you can get a lot done at work today, especially when it comes to communication. It’s a great day for meetings, errands, and for returning calls and emails that are pending. Your mind may have the tendency to wander off into a fantasy world, try not to go overboard with this. Bring yourself back. If you’re working on your own, make time to connect to others. This will help you to not get too lost in your head and to remain in contact with reality.

@KnowAries Daily Scope 5.13.21

Jupiter enters the sensitive sign of Pisces for the next two and a half months. The world is in dire need of compassion, empathy, and recognition of others -all others- as a part of ourselves. Let your belief systems become permeable. Open your heart and understanding towards the ones you recognize as foreign. Aries, get ready to experience what it feels like to know that the Universe has your back. This will be a good time for introspection. Explore new ways of connecting to spirit. Seek practices that can help you release any emotional baggage that may be weighing you down. Make room in your inner world for all of the opportunities and connections that want to come your way near the end of the year.

@KnowAries Daily Scope 5.12.21

With the Moon entering the communicative sign of Gemini and uniting with intimate Venus, give yourself the chance to speak from the heart and voice your emotions. Mercury’s alignment to Saturn offers a solid structure to draw out a plan for your long-term goals. Aries, remain curious and open today. Let your feelings guide you. Be willing to say what needs to be said. You might get it wrong, you might leave some important parts out, you might even leave yourself a bit too exposed. It’s not about saying the perfect thing, it’s about saying what you feel is needed in the moment. Follow your heart, and trust your instincts.