KTZ Daily Scopes April – August 2023

Skymates, in honor of retrograde and eclipse season, KTZ is taking a break from offering daily scopes. We’re resting, regenerating, and re-imagining. That’s what retrograde and eclipse season is all about, and as astrologers, it’s important that we practice what we preach. We’ll still share weekly/monthly scopes with you during this break. Subscribe to KTZ’s email newsletter (KnowTheZodiac.com/newsletter) to know when daily scopes will be back. You can also order my book, Signs & Skymates, as well as KTZ’s digital products on our site to deepen your astro knowledge. Remember: you are your own astrologer. KTZ astrologers Adela, Nisha, and myself are here as guides, but the answers have always existed within you. Thanks for the love and support.

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KnowAries Scope April 19 – 20, 2023

Skymates, eclipse season is upon us, as just a few hours before the Sun enters Taurus, we will experience the New Moon Solar Eclipse in the last degree of your sign at 12:12 am EST on Thursday. For you Aries, the Sun will go dark on a very personal level, and you may require extra nurturing these days. Be with all that is stirring deep within. Don’t try to make sense out of it. If you find yourself over analyzing your current emotional state, stop and breathe deep. Have patience for this moment. You are going through a rebirth. Give yourself the chance to begin again, and again whenever needed. As Taurus Season swoops in shortly after the eclipse, you’ll be connecting with what abundance means to you personally. How can you allow your resources to take root? How do you want your talents to be of service?

KnowAries Scope April 17 – 18, 2023

Skymates, as we approach the first eclipse season of the year, starting on Thursday, begin to make space for the unexpected. Try to avoid making any big decisions, and also avoid the things that leave you feeling flat, like too much screen time. Eclipses bring new beginnings dear Aries, and you can prepare for this time by remembering who you are. If you’re feeling more emotional than usual, let it be. Trust yourself. Have faith in the decisions you make and in the path you’re leading. A lot may be changing, and these changes may feel daunting, because they aren’t as tangible as you’d like them to be. Try not to stress. Give yourself the chance to be in that dark for a while. Clarity will come in time.

KnowAries Wknd Scope April 14 – 16, 2023

Aries, as the Moon is still in Aquarius all through Friday and part of Saturday, remember that sometimes the changes you want to see happen in your life and the world at large require a little help from your friends. On Saturday afternoon, Vesta, the goddess of home and hearth, will enter the sensual sign of Taurus, helping us to identify the things that nourish us and provide a secure base. It’ll be easier for you to manage your finances, and to care for your resources and talents during the next 10 weeks. Make sure not to overwork yourself. Remember to take a break in order to enjoy the fruits of your labor. Then on Saturday night, the Moon will shift into Pisces, inviting you to let go. Loosen your grip. Connect with the knowledge available when you release.

KnowAries Scope April 12 – 13, 2023

Tune into your spiritual aspirations, Aries, as the Moon is still in Capricorn on Wednesday, coming into the Last Quarter Moon on Thursday morning. Remind yourself of the legacy that you want to leave behind so that you don’t waste your time trying to get seen for something that doesn’t truly move you. What aspects of your career no longer interest you and no longer resonate with your core values? What can you do to stop feeding into other people’s dreams and the expectations they have of you? On Thursday afternoon, the Moon will move into Aquarius, where it will meet Pluto. Check in on how you’re aligning yourself with the people, places, and actions that bring you closer to your dreams.

KnowAries Scope April 10 – 11, 2023

Aries, the Moon is still in Sagittarius as the week begins, bringing some warm feels into your philosophical pursuits. You respect your intuition by having the faith to act on it. Remember that sometimes it’s important to sacrifice the comforts of your present in order to bet on your future and honor your dreams. On Tuesday, Venus will enter Gemini for the next 4 weeks, uplifting the joy of exchange and interconnection, and multiplying our pleasures, bonds and desires. This is a time to use your words to seduce. Flirt, compliment and praise! Turn your daily rituals into a source of pleasure by connecting with what and whom you love. On Tuesday afternoon the Moon shifts into the sign of Capricorn, inviting you to consider the depths of the mark you’re leaving in the world.