Dear Capricorn, Venus moves into your sign, where it will be for the next month nurturing your journey of self-discovery. This is an invitation to acknowledge and embrace the things that resonate with your inner self. Pleasure will infuse whatever connects you to your sense of self. This is a time to tap into pleasure, comfort, ease, delight and joy by engaging in activities that light your inner fire. On the 25th, we have the Full Moon in Leo becoming exact at 12:54 pm EST, in your area of collaborations, shared resources and intimacy. This is an invitation to just let your emotions be, no matter how dense or light they may seem. Let the wisdom inherent in your emotional world speak to you. Allow your sorrow to flow through, don’t keep it trapped within. It’s important to remember your power while moving through complicated emotions. On the 27th, Uranus will go direct after being retrograde for the past five months, allowing us all to be more receptive to inevitable change. In your case this has to do with your creative expressions. Go with your inspiration, follow the insights and creative sparks, allow yourself to see where they take you.