Dear Capricorn, on Monday, Mercury, the messenger planet, enters the sign of Aquarius and aligns with powerful Pluto in your area of resources and self-worth. You are just at the beginning of a profound transformation when it comes to your relationship with, and the meaning you place upon money, values, your gifts and talents, and your personal resources. These next two decades are a powerful time of empowerment within your financial life and your self-esteem, and this alignment between Mercury and Pluto on the 5th brings light to how this might all play out. Pay special attention to the thoughts and communications that allow you to confront any fears or insecurities you have around money, abundance, pleasure and worth. Write things down, take it to therapy, work on releasing yourself from these limitations. The New Moon, also in Aquarius, is happening on the 9th, exact at 5:59 pm EST, inviting you to just celebrate the ways you’re already well-resourced. Take a chance to pause and enjoy. Don’t be so forward thinking that you miss the growth you’ve already achieved. Recognize your innovative magic and honor your bounty of skills and talents.