Dear Capricorn, are you speaking your mind? Remember that your perspective has value. On the 19th, the North Node will meet Chiron in Aries, bringing focus to the deep healing that you’re going through when it comes to the wounds originating in family or early childhood. Trust that this journey is helping you break new ground in your quest of belonging. On the 21st, the Moon in Leo will have a face off with Pluto, Venus and Mars in Aquarius, bringing focus to the stories that you carry surrounding money and abundance. Seek advice about your resources, ask your friends how they go about their finances, get experimental! Mercury will enter Pisces on the 23rd, and instead of wanting to have your day-to-day under strict control, try to ride the wave of the expected and unexpected currents of your daily life. This is a time to refresh and revitalize any stale routines. The Full Moon in Virgo is happening on the 24th, exact at 7:30 am EST, shedding light on your need for adventure! You want to travel, physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually. You want to unlock new worlds within you! Remember that who and where you turn to for insight and advice makes all the difference.