Cancer, embrace your depths. This week we have Mercury and Uranus auspiciously dancing together, opening new possibilities for meaningful collaboration. Your mission here is to be as truthful as possible, in all moments. That might mean checking in more regularly with yourself, and honoring your needs accordingly. Step two is setting boundaries for those needs. Remember, when (and if) the pace of life does feel overwhelming, you always have the ability to slow it down; to excuse yourself, step outside, breathe and reconnect with your inner world. As a Cancer, your inner world will be one of the most familiar and healing spaces to exist. With Mercury meeting Neptune in Pisces, right before shifting into Aries – this week you’re also being invited to reflect on some of the bigger themes of life; soul truth, destiny, and your broader purpose here. What do you feel most passionately about? Where do you feel you have the most wisdom? What have your experiences taught you? These are all reflections which will lead seamlessly into our Pisces New Moon on Sunday. You’re on a journey of connecting that deeper sense of meaning with your entire life, in each moment. This New Moon will be potent for planting seeds, and getting clear on where to start.