@KnowCancers Weekly Scope 7.19 – 7.25

Cancer, this is the first full week that Mercury is in your sign, and this helps you pay attention to your body, your intuition, your desires and your dreams with greater clarity. It can also lead to you being more moody and passive-aggressive, especially as we approach the Aquarius Full Moon on the 24th. A part of you may feel like so many elements in your life are rapidly shifting, and you’re seeking more stability in your life. Once Venus shifts into Virgo on the 21st, you may start to feel more secure romantically, as people will be less self-centered and more generous with you, and vice-versa. Use the Aquarius Full Moon to become aware of your insecurities and inner blockages. What may be holding you back from fully letting love in, and why?

@KnowCancers Weekly Scope 7.12 – 7.18

Soak it in, Cancer! Your intuitive aquatic energy is dominating the cosmos right now, and we’re sure you feel right at home. Speaking of home, at the start of the week, Mercury officially transits out of its ruler, Gemini, and into your intimate sign. And with asteroids, Pallas, and Chiron moving retrograde in Pisces and Aries on the 14th & 15th, respectively, this may bring up a lot of reminiscing and change via your past experiences. You have gotten in touch with your deepest desires and aspirations. Now it’s time to communicate them. You may feel pushed to share your truth with your close and personal connections, open up about your feelings, challenges, and aspirations. You will be surprised by the overwhelming amount of supporting your receive from your circle.

@KnowCancers Weekly Scope 7.5 – 7.11

There’s finally a good chance to go inward, breathe and recharge this week Cancer. First, we have Mercury Retrograde finally wrapping up its shadow period on Wednesday. The retrograde moved through your realms of spirituality so you’ll likely be feeling more in tune than ever. This works out well, because on Friday we have our powerful New Moon in its home sign: yours! This potent lunar energy which you’re all too familiar with, initiates opportunities to invite in some massive changes over the next Moon cycle. For you Cancer, it’s particularly potent. What’s next for you? What are you ready to invite in? Or let go of? This time of the year invites you to honor your feelings, accept and offer support to others, and sink into pleasure and comfort. With Mercury entering your sign on Sunday, the cosmic vibes are celebrating you – enjoy!

@KnowCancers Weekly Scope 6.28 – 7.4

Cancer, this week you’ll still be integrating downloads from the Capricorn full moon which shook up your partnership sector and showed you ways in which you’d benefit from having firmer boundaries with yourself and others. Use Monday – Wednesday’s mystical Pisces Moon to indulge in self-care, hydration and rest. You’re recovering from a period of massive evolution, so take your time. Mid-week, the Aries Moon makes it an ideal period to launch something new at work or commit to a different professional routine so you feel more stimulated and motivated by what you do and how you do it. This weekend’s Taurus Moon is ideal for reflecting on the state of your friendships and your relationship with social media. When’s the last time you checked in with someone you can’t stop thinking about and truly let them know how you’re feeling? Or are you waiting for them to hit you up first?

@KnowCancers Weekly Scope 6.21 – 6.27

Happy Birthday, Skymates! Let’s celebrate! Hopefully, we all made it through the first eclipse season of 2021 relatively unharmed. As the sun dips into your ethereal waters, you are feeling right at home. Enjoy this time to relax and recharge. Take this time to enjoy how far you’ve come already in 2021. Suppose you avoid projecting insecurities outward and embrace the sensitive, sensual aspects of your emotional nature. In that case, you may be rewarded with transformation in your sector of partnership under the Capricorn full moon. Let everything you say be from the heart, Cancer.

@KnowCancer Weekly Scope 6.14 – 6.20

The main astrological aspect of the week is the Saturn-Uranus square on Monday, which will be felt all month long. Then on Sunday, Cancer Season begins, marking the start of summer in the Northern Hemisphere. Cancer, since you’re ruled by the Moon you’re very much still feeling the after-effects of eclipse season, which means the less you put on your plate this week, the better. Mid-week, the Virgo Moon may make this easier said than done though, because you’ll be feeling pressure to perform and be productive, even though Mercury’s retrograde in your spirituality sector is asking you to sit still and be present. It may not be until the Moon shifts into Libra and your birthday season begins this weekend that you feel most aligned with your intentions. Be patient and prepare for lift-off!