@KnowCancer Weekly Scopes 5.17 – 5.23

With your head mostly up in the clouds this week, Cancer, it’s important that you don’t come back from your daydreams disappointed with reality, but hopeful about the potential for growth and change. Venus meets with the North Node in your sector of subconscious patterns and dreams, making it easier for you to envision yourself living a life full of peace and harmony that you know you deserve. As nice as it is up there, know that it can be made real, although not exactly how you expect it to. Let go of needing it all to play out a specific way so you can stay anchored in how it feels to simply be at peace here and now.

@KnowCancer Weekly Scopes 5.10 – 5.16

Happy Taurus New Moon, Cancer! This new moon week is extra magical because Jupiter, the Planet of Abundance, enters its home sign of Pisces on May 13th, where it remains for a little over two months. Cancer, you may be in the mood to be held and cared for this week. The combo of Taurus and Pisces energy brings out the most nurturing aspects of yourself, making it a great time to create works of art, or to express how you feel to someone special. Your chances of manifesting more of what you want increase this week, especially since Mars, the Planet of Action, is still in your sign, helping you guide you exactly where you’re meant to be.

@KnowCancer Weekly Scopes 5.3 – 5.9

Remember that communication comes in many forms, Cancer. Venus and Mercury enter Gemini this week, activating your sector of spirituality and subconscious patterns. This can scatter your brain a little bit, but only if you’re closing your mind off to the more subtle and spiritual ways communication can happen between you and others. There’s no such thing as coincidences, so pay close attention to the synchronicities that find you this week in the form of random conversations, numbers, or music references.

@KnowCancer Weekly Scopes 4.26 – 5.2

Happy Full Moon week, Cancer! Since you’re ruled by the Moon, and Scorpio is ruled by Mars, and Mars is currently in your sign, you can expect this to be one of the most cathartic and healing weeks of the year for you. You won’t be able to run away from some of the more subconscious feelings or concerns you’ve felt this year, and that’s a good thing. The more you’re able to release past pain, trauma, disappointments or hardships, the more you’ll make room for your impeding blessings. Feel what you gotta feel, and let the tears flow if they need to.

@KnowCancer Weekly Scopes 4.18 – 4.24

Welcome to Taurus season, Cancer! This week we get an electrifying alignment happening between Mercury, Venus, and Uranus in Taurus, which is your sector of community and networking. This will likely shakeup your friend groups a bit to help you become more focused on company that grounds you, anchors you, and grows with you. This, plus the energy of independent Mars entering your sign on the 23rd, will likely encourage you to practice acting alone where you can, only so that you can more easily gauge what traits are most compatible with you and the journey you plan to take moving forward.