Dear Cancer, Eclipse Season is here! Our Libra Full Moon Lunar Eclipse unfolds on March 25th, powerfully activating your sector of emotional processing. You’re being invited to heal the past, particularly your relationships. Reminder: friendship break-ups can be just as intense, if not worse, than romantic ones. Are there any feelings of grief, resentment or anger you’re still holding onto? If so, are you willing to begin letting them go? Your answer doesn’t have to be yes, even if that seems like the wiser choice. These processes will always take time, particularly if you’ve been hurt. Still, if your heart does feel ready, perhaps it’s time to start opening up again, whatever that means for you. At this time you’re invited to give yourself the self-intimacy and care that you perhaps once missed. Ruled by the Moon, Lunar eclipses will always feel particularly potent for you Cancer (and this is magic). Honor your sensitivity, especially the sore spots around your past. Maybe there’s someone you miss, but speaking to them isn’t on the cards. Visualizing a conversation, speaking to them aloud, or sending love energetically, will give you more solace than you can imagine. You are still connected.