Cancer, the Pisces New moon vibes will flow through the start of the week, gently motivating you towards bolder choices and leaps of faith. With Venus shifting into Pisces on Monday, you’re being specifically invited to prioritize your journey as an individual. This could mean taking yourself out on a date, setting a goal, spoiling yourself, or saying “no.” Setting boundaries can always be challenging, but as an empathic water sign, internalizing others’ emotional responses can intensify that challenge. You’re being reminded here that putting yourself first, does not mean you’re selfish. Rather, doing so will generally put you in a stronger position to help others. Of course this doesn’t mean totally neglecting your responsibilities, but perhaps shifting your schedule around and/or delegating. Reminder: saying “no” occasionally will allow you to say “yes” when the right thing does come your way. However uncomfortable you might feel about letting go of an opportunity, task or obligation – if your body and gut is saying “no,” it’s likely because there’s something else for you around the corner. Tip: there’s a difference between an intuitive “no,” and a fearful “no!” A quiet dialogue with yourself will reveal the difference – and with the Moon shifting into your sign over the weekend, your inner guidance will feel clearer than ever.