Dear Cancer, as a collective we’re still in the post shadow period of Mercury retrograde. That means it’s only natural if your life doesn’t exactly feel ‘together,’ or if the New Year buzz actually feels like a bit of a fog. This week’s New Moon in Capricorn (Jan 11th) will begin to shift this, activating your sector of relationships while it’s there. Here, you’re invited to seek any support or inspiration that may benefit you – specifically in new places. As a Cancer, your own nurturing qualities means that asking for help may not come naturally to you, and perhaps there’s only a select few who you regularly trust. Yet, this Moon reminds you that it’s only where you ask for help (and create the space) that you’ll receive. 2024 might just be the time to step out of the box and broaden your channels of abundance. Mercury (planet of communication and mental processing) will also enter Capricorn this week, subtly shifting the way you express yourself through language. You’ll feel more empowered, grounded, and aware of the authority you have to share your truth. This transit opens a mini portal for easeful negotiations, career moves, or collaborations.