Cancer, you’re getting there! Capricorn season (being your opposite sign) can feel like a lot. Goals, career, finances and themes of generally sorting out life all come under a microscope – and as one of the most emotionally oriented signs, this can feel overwhelming, or at the very least, dull. The good news is, this week’s cosmic currents will add layers of pleasure to all the above, with Venus moving into Capricorn on Jan 23rd. Venus here heightens the sweet satisfaction of getting things done, of working towards and achieving goals, and functioning at your fullest potential. Why not set mini challenges for yourself each day (for example 10 crunches), and lean into it? Strengthening willpower can be like strengthening a muscle through use. Either way, a Leo Full Moon (Jan 25th), colors the week with playful vibes. You’re getting it done Cancer, one step at a time.