Cancer, get ready for a transformative week. On Jan 15th tensions arise between Saturn and the Lunar North Node, which for you might feel like an obstacle, a closed door, or a “no.” You’re being reminded of the power of thinking outside the box, and in reframing perspectives to find solutions. We’re just about to enter Aquarius season after all (Jan 20th), so there really couldn’t be a better time for accessing a healthy dose of objectivity. What advice would you give yourself, if you were another person witnessing your journey? Is there anything you haven’t been seeing, simply because it’s your life? We also have major collective transformation unfolding this week, as Pluto joins the Sun in Aquarius. Pluto rules the collective shadow – an area which has clearly been very active – as it prepares to leave Capricorn for good, this November. If you’ve felt like the world is reaching a tipping point, in many ways you’re right. As a study of cycles, astrology can be extremely helpful in providing solace and acceptance of wider dynamics. Right now it’s telling us: change is on its way, and even by simply being here you are a part of that.