Lovely Cancer, the week ahead will feel gentle and nourishing. Our new Pluto cycle has been a lot over the last weeks – something we’re still collectively adjusting to. The good news is we’re arriving at the point where the first pieces are starting to come together. You might be experiencing a “how did I get here?” kinda vibe, but the universe would like to remind you that some of the biggest blessings in your life likely once came as a surprise. Trust the process! On Tuesday, a tense square between Mars and Jupiter invites you to overcome a personal limitation. Consider the ways where you’re playing it safe, and whether it’s time to approach things differently. Hint: sometimes the answers are right in front of us, and it can be as simple as believing in yourself, and asking. You might feel a burst of inspiration on Thursday, as Mercury in Pisces connects harmoniously with Jupiter. Whether that’s dressing differently or picking up a paintbrush  – now’s the perfect time to nourish your inner child, and creative flow. A magical Scorpio moon will trine Neptune in Pisces over the weekend, illuminating all things cosmic, shadowy and magical. If you’re into it – the portals for tarot, lucid dreaming, and all things etheric are going to be swung wide open.