Dear Cancer, the Moon starts its week in your sign, grounding the week with nourishing and watery vibes. Despite all the Aquarian energy coming through… Pisces season is upon us, so it’s time for you and your water-sign siblings to shine! The collective is being challenged by some tougher Chiron and Pluto astro-activity, so it may be worth carving out solitude for yourself where necessary. Avoid taking things personally, and remember that with the new Pluto cycle, many of us are going through it. Reminder: feeling out of balance after spending time in a space full of out-of-balanced beings does not indicate an issue, but perhaps rather a gift of sensitivity. So with that, find your spaces dear Cancer; the people, environments and conversations that feel nurturing, safe and expansive. With the Moon (while in your sign) forming harmonious connections to Jupiter and Uranus, you might just be surprised by the perfect opportunity suddenly appearing (or reappearing) in your life. Venus meeting Mars (on Thursday) encourages you to get creative about your personal progress, and Mercury moving into Pisces (on Friday), will gift you divine ideas as to what that might look like. This perfectly leads up to a soothing Virgo Full Moon on Saturday. As this Full Moon opposes Saturn, there may arise a sense of limitation – but a harmonious trine to Jupiter reminds you that obstacles are there to be overcome; and you’re more than capable dear Cancer.