Dear Cancer, try not to rush the process of your growth. We’re up for a trippy week with Mars and Venus both entering Aquarius, and going on to meet Pluto. With these planets (the rulers of desire and love) meeting Pluto (planetary ruler of fears and the subconscious), the week might carry a “one step forward, one step back” kind of vibe. Yet, you’re being reminded that this perspective is (in part) a cosmic illusion – there really is no going backwards. Rather, you’re always on a journey of evolution Cancer, and that will sometimes include periods of feeling uncertain or small. To feel those things, doesn’t make them reality though. Rather, such feelings can often suggest an upcoming spiritual growth spurt. Nostalgia, fear, melancholy and creative catharsis might all be on the cards, but there’s a beauty in witnessing these flavors within yourself; similar to the mysterious and luminescent light of your planetary ruler, the Moon. Speaking of which, we wrap up the week with the Moon traveling home into your sign. Here, you’re invited to seek beauty, self-love and solace in where you currently are. The universe enjoys irony, and funnily enough this is step one, in getting to a better place.