Skymates, welcome to August 2022! This 8th month of the year will feel significant, for several reasons. First, we just experienced a Leo New Moon on the 28th of July, and we’ll feel its energy for the first 10 days of August, encouraging us to step into our power by trusting our presence and activating our courage. There’s something you’re afraid of fully committing to, because you have an instinctual awareness that your life can change for the better once you commit to it. This is the month where you’re being encouraged to feel the fear and keep flowing, keep growing, keep knowing that you are divinely protected. 

But with Jupiter and Chiron both retrograde in the fire signs of Aries this month, moving forward with speed isn’t advised. No matter what may be on your to-do list, Mars in Taurus and retrograde season are both telling you to take several seats, and slow down. Your luck isn’t running out during retrograde season, but you are being tested to see who you are when you allow yourself to do less, even if mentally you feel like you should be doing more. That doesn’t mean being complacent, but rather focusing on the essentials and removing the distractions from your life.

Virgo Season begins on the 22nd, aiding us collectively feel more organized and structured. But with key planets and asteroids retrograde, we should also make sure we’re not so focused on self-improvement that we forget to have fun, to dance, to laugh, and to allow ourselves to make mistakes! Uranus’ retrograde in Taurus on the 24th is the ideal time to not take yourself, or your life journey, too seriously. There will be unavoidable plot twists that will occur around then, so maintain a great sense of humor even if your plans go haywire. By the time the Virgo New Moon strikes on the 27th, we’ll end the month with a strong need for silence and contemplation. What a ride it’s been!