If there’s anything you’re learning from post Mercury retrograde, it’s to follow your intuition Aries – and a whole lot of earth energy is supporting you in this. Your planetary ruler (Mars) is now in Capricorn, and this week sees a Capricorn New Moon (Jan 11th). Ever wondered how all of the New Year resolution buzz sits with the astrological (lunar) calendar? Easy, it’s Capricorn season. Mercury’s entrance into Capricorn this week initiates a period of focus, drive and determination. Suddenly, the life you’re building, plus specifically the effectiveness behind your efforts matters. Consistency will be easier to maintain, as well as embracing new opportunities and shooting your shot. The abundance of proactive cosmic vibes activate your sector of finances, so it could be a good time to do some annual planning or budgeting. What are your financial goals for 2024 Aries? What tangible and energetic steps can you take towards reaching them?