One of the most powerful transits (coloring the entire year) reaches a turning point in its journey: Pluto’s re-entry into Aquarius. As ruler of the collective subconscious, transformation and evolution  – Pluto first entered Capricorn in 2008 (a year marked by global financial crisis). Traversing through the sign of authority and structure, it has successfully revealed the underbelly of society’s power structures. We’ve seen the Me Too movement, BLM, devastating wars, rising wealth inequality and so on. As one of the most important planets in astrology, Pluto’s shift into Aquarius marks the beginnings of a new era. It will enter Capricorn one more time (September 1st), before remaining in Aquarius for roughly two decades. As a society, will this feel less challenging? Not necessarily. Are we done facing flavors of struggle and conflict? No. But will it feel new? Yes. Most importantly, can we find solutions here? Yes. This transit will illuminate the gifts (and shadows) of technology, community/group consciousness, global movements, equality, progress and innovation. It will change everything. As ever, with ground-shaking transits, it’s important to allow yourself more grace than ever. Don’t be too surprised if you feel higher levels of lethargy than usual. You’re on a planet undergoing extraordinary shifts – honor that.