2024 is here Aries, and if you thought the transformative streak we’ve collectively been traversing since 2020 is slowing down, you’d be wrong. The good news is, like all hero’s journey story arcs – there’s the sweet beginning, challenging and transformative middle part, then an epic culmination before (at least a chapter of) smooth sailing and picking the fruits of one’s labor. As we enter 2024 we’re officially at stage three, and you’ll begin to feel that even within January. Don’t get me wrong, there will still be challenges, obstacles and opportunities to grow (particularly with the Lunar North Node in your sign until Jan 2025). However, the places where you may have felt an overwhelming amount of pressure or density over the last year will start to shift. On Jan 1st, Mercury wraps up its retrograde, going direct in Sagittarius and activating your sector of adventure, travel, and life Purpose, with a capital P. You’ll feel waves of inspiration, synchronicity and most importantly – clarity – flowing through this time. Here, there’s an invitation to witness new arising energy with patience and curiosity. See what opportunities or ideas arise, then take your pick.