Aries, life isn’t slowing down. The surreal, electric and transformative vibes of last week are amping up, with Mercury meeting Pluto at the first degree of Aquarius on Monday. For you this will highlight any throat chakra imbalances. That is, where you keep yourself smaller, and where your fears exist relative to self-expression. This might feel unsettling, but it’s important that you’re honest with yourself about where you are. Identifying areas to work on does not suggest that you’re “flawed.” Breathe through it, and try shifting into a broader, objective perspective. By shedding fears, you’ll be stepping into more of who you already are. You’ll shine by sharing your valuable truth, and as you do this, your world will begin to change. Reflecting on these ideas as they apply to you will give you the perfect energetic formula for heading into our Aquarius New Moon (Jan 9th). Set intentions for where you would like to see yourself in six, and twelve months. Commit yourself to trying, like never before.